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Things to Do in Woodland, That Should Be On Your Bucket List

The city of Woodland, which serves as the county seat of Yolo County in California, is a part of the Sacramento metropolitan region and is situated about 15 miles (24 km) northwest of Sacramento 61,032 people were counted in the population in 2020. An excellent spot to begin is in Woodlands, Texas. This neighborhood, which lies almost precisely north of the city, has many exciting new things to do. Here are some things in The Woodlands that you should check out. When California became a state, and Yolo County was created in 1850, Woodland first appeared.

The town has continued to expand since then. Due to James Moore’s efforts, the area was well irrigated, which attracted people to farming because the land was so fruitful. When receiving a federal post office, the county seat was transferred from Washington (the modern-day West Sacramento, California) to Woodland the following year when Washington was flooded. A train line and, more recently, Interstate 5 were added to Sacramento, contributing to the city’s growth.

The Woodland Waterway.

The Woodlands Waterway is a charming waterway that runs through the center of the neighborhood. You can discover restaurants, fountains, parks, shops, public event venues, and even a koi pond along the river’s tidy, tree-lined banks. It’s a beautiful area to exercise after a heavy lunch, watch the sunset, catch up with friends, or go on a romantic swan boat ride.

Texas, TreeVentures.

Rob Fleming Park has an aerial adventure course called Texas TreeVentures. As you take in treetop views of the verdant George Mitchell Nature Preserve, test yourself by completing different climbing, swinging, and tightrope-walking sections. Play like a child; you’ll receive the kind of exercise you won’t dread and make priceless memories with loved ones.

Children’s Museum.

The Children’s Museum provides a range of kid-enriching activities, such as pre-K reading sessions, workshops, and holiday activities. Unlike in other museums, children are welcome to touch and engage with the exhibits that support their movement, play, and learning in several ways.

The Market Street.

Market Street is a premium retail and dining area where you can find everything from designer clothing to salons, spas, and seafood eateries. Treat your family and yourself to high-end products and experiences, a brisk walk, and some window-shopping ideas.

Events & Celebrations.

Over 60 community events are planned annually by the Parks & Recreation Department of the Woodlands Township. These include camping trips, sporting activities, music festivals, ecological clean-ups, and holiday celebrations. Events in The Woodlands are enjoyable, welcoming to families, and provide a carefree way to sample the small-town culture of southeast Texas.

Small-venue performances.

Tomball is a nearby city to the southwest of The Woodlands. One of the top little music venues in the Houston metropolitan area is located here; it is called Main Street Crossing. This nonprofit presents country, Americana, folk, blues, and other musical genres in a quaint environment. Additionally, MSC provides refreshments, table service, community seating, and food, facilitating conversation between concertgoers and even performing musicians. Parking is easy and convenient. In addition, Tomball’s Main Street Crossing serves as a multipurpose site for events, including concerts and church services. View our events calendar to find fun things to do that benefit charities.

Mall of Woodland.

In addition to enjoying adventure sports and scenic beauty, you may shop at the Mall: this Mall stores jewelry, clothes, toys, and shoe brands. Additionally, there is a play area where kids can amuse themselves. This Mall, which has more than 160 fascinating retailers, is only 30 minutes north of Houston. To guarantee that food enthusiasts enjoy excellent fare from international cuisines, it also houses several well-known restaurants.

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Farmer’s Market.

The Woodlands Farmer’s Market is ideal for buying food ingredients or any natural cosmetic products on the land. The Grogan’s Mill Farmers Market, a weekly community market open only on Saturdays, was established in 2008 and attracts many locals and tourists. There, local farmers congregate to market their wares. Spices and food goods are the noticeable items that people frequently purchase here.

Arboretum and botanical gardens in Mercer.

Your list of things to do here should include visiting Mercer Arboretum & Botanic Gardens. The guests can still access it every day. There are no entry fees to pay. As a result, you are free to explore it whenever you like in your free time. Both visitors and residents use this location for various activities, such as seeing the local fauna and taking in the breathtaking natural surroundings. Small mammals, birds, and several amphibians are in the garden. Visitors can spend the entire day here with friends and family.

Wildlife Park TGR Exotics:

You must visit the TGR Exotics Wildlife Park to ensure your tour of The Woodlands is well-spent. This wildlife park will provide a close-up view of some of the world’s most exotic, fascinating, and endangered animals. It has more than 100 animals from more than 25 species. In addition to its stunning scenery, this park allows you to see uncommon creatures and birds. You should check the schedule before coming here for amusement options since the park is only available for business visits for a few days.

Outdoor Activities:

You might believe you are driving into a Bob Ross painting as you get closer—lake reflections of enormous coniferous trees. Bald eagles were traveling by. There are numerous possibilities to go outside, enjoy the sunshine, and breathe in the crisp air, making it a true haven for those who love the outdoors and the natural world. You may explore more than 220 miles of hiking and biking trails, 150 parks, and rivers.


What distinguishes The Woodlands from other places?

This region is well renowned for its vast parks and recreational areas, golf courses, corporate headquarters, schools, and places of worship, as well as its shopping, dining, hospitality, healthcare, and other amenities. One hundred fifty-one parks and 220 km of hiking and biking trails are available now.

Is living in The Woodlands a good option?

The vicinity of Houston places third on Niche’s list of the Best Cities to Live in America in 2023. HOUSTON – One of the best locations to live in America, according to Niche, is a Houston suburb.

What is the other name of Woodland?

Typically, the term “woodland” only refers to a forest.

What faith is Woodlands?

Our Principles. The Evangelical Free Church of America, which comprises more than 1500 churches and affirms the following statement of faith, includes Woodland Church.

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