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aerial view of Belize city buildings during daytime looks amazing
Where to Stay in Vancouver?: Discover The Best Areas (2023)
Look here for where to stay in Vancouver—traveling around Canada's west coast? Planning your journey will entail choosing where to stay in Vancouver. It cannot be easy to decide where to stay in Vancouver. The city has many distinct neighborhoods with distinct personalities and attractions. Vancouver offers something for every kind of tourist, whether you're seeking luxurious…
An array of brown buildings with dark brown roofs with a swimming pool in the center
Discover the Best Canmore Hotels for Your Next Vacation
The Canadian city of Canmore is close to Banff National Park. The Rocky Mountains and alpine forests surround it, while the Bow River flows through its center. Canmore and the surrounding area are filled with activities. Simply said, it's one of our favorite places in Alberta to unwind, spend a few days (or weeks), and…
waterfall, cliff, river
Miette Hot Springs: A Traveler’s Guide
The warmest hot springs in the Canadian Rockies are at Miette Hot Springs in Alberta's Jasper National Park. When the water enters the hot springs pool, it is cooled to a pleasant temperature of 40°C (104°F) from the mountain's natural hot springs water, which rushes out of the hill at 54°C (129°F). As one of…
9 Interesting Things to Do Near Banff Hot Springs
The only hot springs pool in Banff National Park welcomes you year-round for a traditional experience popular with tourists. For every visitor, Banff Upper Hot Springs aims to create a facility that is inclusive and accessible. There are ramps, accessible parking, and lift access all over the building. Wheelchairs that float can be used to…

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