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Miette Hot Springs: A Traveler’s Guide

The warmest hot springs in the Canadian Rockies are at Miette Hot Springs in Alberta’s Jasper National Park. When the water enters the hot springs pool, it is cooled to a pleasant temperature of 40°C (104°F) from the mountain’s natural hot springs water, which rushes out of the hill at 54°C (129°F).

As one of Alberta’s best-kept secrets and among the top things to do in Miette Hot Springs is distinguished by its stunning setting and sumptuous water. Miette Hot Springs is a distinctive experience that will tempt you to return year after year, whether it is the serene, tranquil landscape surrounding the hot springs or the spectacular journey through the untamed Fiddle Valley.

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Skyline Trail:

The Skyline is the tallest and conceivably most beautiful trail in Jasper, with approximately 25 kilometers of length traveling above the treeline. Due to the park’s high height, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of its expansive meadows and wind-swept hills. The Skyline Trail, which traverses three mountain passes, offers a diversity of Jasper National Park-specific flora, fauna, and beauty. Early in the season, the “The Notch” segment of the trail may be impassable.

  • At any of the campgrounds, fires are not allowed.
  • Between Maligne Lake and the Signal Campground, the Skyline Trail is off-limits to dogs.
  • There are no bicycles allowed between Maligne Lake and Signal Fire Road.
Green tall trees with cloudy sky presenting an amazing view

Utopia Mountain

Utopia Mountain is situated in a subarctic environment with cold, snowy winters and warm summers, according to the Köppen climate classification. When the wind chill is below -30 °C, temperatures can fall below -20 °C. The ideal months to climb in terms of weather are June through September. Utopia Mountain’s precipitation runoff enters Athabasca River tributaries.

Not only is the trailhead for Utopia Mountain simple to locate, but it is also a paved multi-use route for most of the first kilometer. You may get there by traveling down the Miette route, which begins near the eastern park entrance of Jasper, Highway 16 (Yellowhead Trail), to the Miette Hot Springs, where the route ends. When you reach this ample parking space, continue moving to the southwest until it finishes at a paved path that descends into a valley.

grey and white mountain with greenery on the front ON OF THE BEST Miette Hot Springs

Jasper East Cabins

This property is located in the rolling hills at the edge of Jasper National Park, 35 minutes from the town of Jasper. To the west, the stunning Roche à Perdrix Mountain towers over the property. To unwind and experience the real Rocky Mountains, get away from the crowds of Jasper town site and retreat to your mountain cottage.

The Miette Hot Springs, where you may repose in the warm water, are less than five minutes from the Jasper National Park Gates and a pleasant and scenic 25-minute drive away. Bring your camera if you want to catch the wildlife and stunning scenery.

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Jasper House National Historic Site

An important staging and supply post for travel across the Canadian Rockies, the Jasper House National Historic Site in Jasper National Park, Alberta, was formerly a trading post on the Athabasca River. This post operated from 1813 to 1884 in two separate locations.

Rocky Mountain House was the original name of the post, but it was changed to “Jasper’s House” in honor of the postmaster Jasper Hawes, who ran it from 1814 to 1817, to avoid confusion with the Rocky Mountain House trade post on the North Saskatchewan River. The first location is considered near the Brûlé Lake outlet, which is downstream from the current site.

At the northern end of Jasper Lake, the second Jasper House opened in 1830, mainly catering to passengers going through Yellowhead Pass or Athabasca Pass.

white wooden house between trees is looking amazing

Roche Miette

In Jasper National Park, Roche Miette, a 2,316-meter (7,598-foot) mountain, is situated near the northwest end of the Miette Range. The peak, a notable landmark in the Athabasca Valley, is located about 30 kilometers northeast of Jasper and 4 kilometers northeast of the Jasper House National Historic Site.

Highway 16 and the Canadian both have a clear view of it. Capitol Mountain is 5.0 km (3.1 mi) to the southeast, where the peak’s closest higher peak is located. The French word for Roche Miette is “crumb rock.”

black and white mountain at daytime

Wildhorse Lake Provincial Recreation Area

The Wildhorse Lake Provincial Recreation Area is located close to Hinton, Alberta, on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Alberta Rockies. There are several tiny mountain lakes in this provincial park. Small, serene, and gorgeous Kinky Lake and the Wildhorse Lakes provide superb trout fishing from an electric motorized or non-motorized boat.

Due to their high altitude, you might find them a little frigid for swimming, but what they lack in warmth, they more than make up for in natural beauty. The parks and the surrounding area are densely forested and offer a variety of wildlife with habitat. The abundance of unofficial trails draws mountain bikers and hikers to the site.

grey canoe on calm body of water near tall trees at daytime

Cinquefoil Mountain

Cinquefoil Mountain is a mountain peak of 2,256 meters in Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. It is situated in the Canadian Rockies’ Jacques Range. Due to the presence of cinquefoil in the region, Morrison P. Bridgland gave Cinquefoil Mountain its name in 1916.

 Bridgland, a Dominion Land Surveyor who worked from 1878 to 1948, showed numerous peaks in Jasper Park and the Canadian Rockies their names. The Geographical Names Board of Canada formally authorized the mountain’s name in 1928.

body of water at the foot of mountain

Punchbowl Falls

Punchbowl Falls is a small waterfall along Mountain Creek in Jasper National Park that can be found close to the Miette Hot Springs Road and just south of the Yellowhead Highway. The falls descend in three steps of 6, 18, and 9 feet, for a total drop of 33 feet. There isn’t a built perspective that offers a complete picture of the falls as of 2017, and it’s unclear whether there ever was. From the parking area, a footbridge offers quick views gazing down over the top of the falls. However, the walk ends at a walled viewpoint and circles around the falls without offering any views.

waterfalls surrounded of trees


Why is Miette Hot Springs closed?

Miette Hot Springs will not reopen for the 2020 operating season, as Parks Canada regrets, in an effort to stop the COVID-19 virus from spreading.

When did Miette Hot Springs Open?

June 9 to September 4, 2023

Is miette hot spring open in winter?

Mid-October to mid-May is the closed season at Miette Hot Springs.

Does Jasper have natural hot springs?

The hottest hot springs in the Canadian Rockies can be found in Miette Hot Springs, which is part of Alberta’s Jasper National Park.

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