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The Best Things to Do in Miami With Kids 2023

For good reason, Miami, Florida is one of the most minor tourist attractions in the nation and the world. Southeast Florida’s largest city is on the Atlantic coast, where year-round pleasant weather and various outdoor activities are available to residents and visitors. Miami, which is well-known for its shores, nightlife, and upscale clubs and restaurants, might not immediately come to mind as a vacation spot for families, but just as its people are diverse, so are its attractions.

Miami Florida is also relatively easy to reach, no matter where you come from. A flight to South Beach is only a few clicks away, thanks to the fact that practically every major airline on the globe flies into Miami International Airport (MIA). This list will be incomplete because the city has much to offer for many distinct hobbies, but it is sufficient to keep you and the kids entertained in Southern Florida for at least a week.

Visit and Enjoy the Maimi Beach:

When visiting Miami Beach with children, I prioritize getting some fresh air and strolling along the boardwalk. A beautiful trail is situated just beyond the dunes. We enjoy walking the beachfront and admiring the breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic Ocean.

Colorful lifeguard platforms brighten up the beach, and you should look at the facades of the Modern Art District’s surviving buildings. Starting at 500 Seaside Drive, close to Lummus Park in South Beach, the surface is made of wood planks and pavement. It travels for nearly four miles to Indian Beach Park and North Miami.

Most families rarely get there. But with so many sections being shaded by water grape trees, it’s surprisingly easy to carry a stroller around here. The area north of 21st Road is a no-bike zone, so keep that in mind if you’re biking there.

South Pointe Park Beach:

Going to the beach regularly is a must because kids love having fun in the soft sand and splashing in the shallows. Along the entire shoreline, there are accessible spots and approaches. But the free-entry shore at South Pointe Park Beach is a beautiful area to spend a few hours playing on the sand with the kids.

Under a palm tree, large grassy areas for picnics spread out. Take note of the nearby playground and splash pad. Stroll out along the pier for fantastic views of cruise ships departing from and arriving at the port.

Maimi Children’s Museum:

Every third Friday from 4 to 8 p.m., this wonderful children’s museum is free to enter. In other words, it was scheduled perfectly before a meal and after our day of beachgoing. Typically, interactive exercises, arts & crafts projects, and games are planned for the free 3rd Friday events. Most kids adore the construction site because it allows them to burn off excess energy by pushing wheelbarrows and using cranes and bulldozers.

We finish at the museum’s Multisensory Room, a tranquil space with subdued lighting and a calm atmosphere, to wind things down for the evening. A little distance from the museum, the observation deck at Islands Gardens has a lovely outdoor patio where you can take in yachts and meze-style tapas. The hummus spread is fantastic.

The Ritz Carlton:

You’ll adore the Ritz-Carlton if you’re seeking a peaceful island getaway. It is located on Key Biscayne, close to Miami Beach. Your kids will be entertained and educated at the hotel’s Ritz Kids Club while you indulge in spa, golf, tennis, or sailing. Although the agenda constantly changes, culture, environmental responsibility, and sea life are prioritized. Multisensory activities allow children to play and learn. Fantastic oceanfront dining is available at the restaurant. Kids will adore the poolside ice cream shop and the Pantry, a café with delectable pastries and sweets.

Everglades Eligator Farm:

An exciting place to go with your family is Everglades Alligator Farm. Children ages six and greater can interact with live newborn alligators by serving them and touching their snout at Everglades, Miami Florida’s first alligator farm. The family can witness alligators, birds, fish, and sea turtles on an airboat tour through the Everglades.

The farm also provides educational opportunities like learning about the region’s preservation, taking an exhilarating boat trip through the Everglades, and watching how eggs produce gators.

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Wynwood Walls:

The Wynwood Arts neighborhood is a must-visit destination for the entire family. It was made in 2009 when creators were encouraged to transform many structures into enormous “canvases.” Since then, it has been broadened and now covers over eighty thousand square feet of walls.

Many tour alternatives exist, but you can move at your rate if you have children. Before visiting, you should download the Wynwood Walls app from the Play Store at Google or Apple App Stores to learn more about each artist.

Matheson Hammock Park:

This artificial lagoon pool’s curved, gentle beach was created with families and children in mind. The tide flushes the water daily, but since No waves are present, it is safe for children still developing their sea legs. This beach is great for relaxing because it’s pretty peaceful. Observe the kite surfers and take in the scenery.

Prepare a picnic in one of the tiny pavilions with benches, picnic tables, and charcoal grills. If you’d instead do less work, there are also restaurants and snack bars! Visit the sailing and motorboat school at the Matheson Marina for some water sports if you wish to be more active.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it worthwhile to take kids to Miami Florida?

Families frequently travel to Miami Florida, for vacation. It’s inexpensive, has excellent weather, and has many activities you and the children can do! See our recommendations for 16 family-friendly Miami Floridatourist sites ideal for a holiday.

What area of Miami Florida is suitable for children?

To raise a family, Kendall, a suburb in South Miami, is considered one of the most significant areas in Miami Florida. Affordable ranch-style homes and bungalows with roomy lots are available in the neighborhood, along with family-friendly attractions and prestigious schools like the William H. School for Advanced Studies.

Is Miami Florida, a suitable location for families?

If you can find the ideal area and activities, Miami can be among the greatest cities in Florida to raise a family. The challenge is determining what you want and what will make your family successful in Miami Florida.

Is Miami Florida, a low-cost city?

If you’re moving to Miami Florida, from high-cost-of-living locations like New York City, D.C., and San Francisco, the cost of living is approximately 22% more than the national average. Not whether you’re from around here or a smaller city.

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