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Best Restaurants of Clearwater Beach, Florida

Laid-back, The name-brand section of Clearwater Beach’s fine, white sand is what brings tourists there year-round for activities like parasailing, jet skiing, and stand-up paddling in its tranquil waters along a curving beachside promenade lined with unpretentious seafood restaurants and cafes, cyclists and rollerbladers cruise. Pier 60 features a nightly event with street entertainers and craft sellers every day at dusk.

Clear Sky Beach Side Cafe:

The elegant breakfast menu at Clear Sky Beachside Café includes our wildly acclaimed Bloody Mary on the weekends and special occasions. A superb eating experience is provided by Chef Manny’s lunch and dinner menus. Various tapas and appetizers, aged steaks, gourmet burgers, and freshly caught seafood on the beach are all available. While enjoying live music, peruse our excellent range of wines and handmade cocktails before getting into the stunning sunset.

Ocean Hai Restaurant-Wyndham Hotel:

Let the chefs at Ocean Hai develop a brand-new gourmet experience that will stimulate your palate. With our love for Asian fusion techniques, Ocean Hai specializes in a completely fresh approach to dining and offers farm-raised beef, a new raw bar, local and ethical seafood, and chef-crafted sushi. We want you to experience the freshest ingredients by fusing traditional American methods with daring Asian flavors. Any chef-inspired dishes go well with one of our handmade cocktails, a bottle of local beer, or a wine selection from our skillfully curated wine list, all provided in a sophisticated, fashionable, and welcoming setting.

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Hooters Clearwater Beach:

Hooters are the place to go for delicious seafood, gourmet salads, ice-cold beer, a full bar of alcoholic beverages, and our world-famous chicken wings in one of our trademark sauces. Thanks to the relaxed, fun environment and the abundance of HD TVs, you’ll have a front-row seat to all the matches. The original wing joint, hooters.

Columbia Resturant-Sandkey:

Dining on the waterfront at its finest! Columbia, run by the same family for 115 years, is well known for its classic appeal and acclaimed Spanish/Cuban food. Although casual clothing is acceptable, we don’t allow men to wear sleeveless shirts in the dining area. You can choose a seat in the Mediterranean dining room with views of the Intracoastal Waterway or enjoy the relaxed ambiance on our outdoor deck by the water. Enjoy our fresh seafood delicacies and century-old family dishes like Roast Pork a la Cubana, Paella a la Valenciana, and more. Try some premium Spanish wines like Campillo or Montecillo. We are affiliated with the 1905-founded Columbia in Tampa’s Ybor City. There is a menu for kids in Clearwater Beach. Every day of the year, including holidays, is open.


Island Way Grill Clearwater Beach:

The Island Way Grill is all about serving fresh fish. Daily expeditions to the middle grounds are made by our boats to ship return fresh tuna, mahi, snapper, and other regional types. Only rod, hook, and reel fish are here—no longlines. It is still in the Gulf of Mexico if it is any fresher. Our oak and lime-fired open pit, which burns at a very high temperature and lends a great smokiness to everything grilled, is where we do most of our cooking.

Many fresh herbs are available, and only the best seasonings are used. Our menu features a variety of fresh veggies, and We make all of our soups and sauces by hand. We are also pleased to provide a superb combination of freshly flown oysters worldwide for your delight. Our chefs also add a wide range of daily specials to our menu, which always brings variety and intrigue to our regular offers.

Cesare at the Clearwater Beach:

The founders of Cesare and Carlo, who were both brought up in Italy, understand what an authentic Italian lunch entails. Gathering with family and friends to enjoy a pleasant conversation, a fine wine, and the ideal meal. Enjoy Italy’s best flavors, including our pasta portions and award-winning lasagna.

Italian cuisine that is authentic and difficult to locate, like pappardelle with brought-over porcini and wild mushrooms, filet mignon in a brand’s sauce, fresh seafood, fish, traditional veal dishes, and handcrafted desserts. While receiving pampering from our skilled staff, you can dine indoors or “al fresco” while looking out over the lake and Sand Key Bridge.

E&E Stakeout Grill of Clearwater Beach:

Since 1985, E&E Stakeout Grill has offered some of the most incredible steak, beef daily seafood specials, prime rib, and more in a relaxed atmosphere that welcomes guests with a shimmering waterfall and warm-toned decor. The kind personnel serves excellent food. Chef Erwin expertly makes meals with lean, tender select cuts of corn-fed beef. Daily seafood fresh specials and an abundance of perfectly cooked fish and shrimp bring variation.

You can choose your favorite wine from the impressive wine list or indulge in the copious cocktails from their entire liquor bar. Their handcrafted desserts won’t let you down, and to round off a lovely dining experience, you may sip on some espresso or cappuccino. Please stop by our sister restaurant Guppy’s or Mystic Fish inland, when you’re at the beach. If you experience difficulties making a reservation online, phone the restaurant to check availability.

New Parlor and Chophouse Clearwater Beach:

A unique homage to Herman Everett Wendell, the building’s first architect. ‘Hew’ also refers to cutting or chopping. Consisting of three attention-grabbing components, each distinguished by a distinctive rhythm. Please look at our cozy parlor bar, which features a sizable whisky and Scotch selection inspired by Dunedin’s Scottish past. 

Water views enhance the vivacious lounge ambiance. Cuts from the chophouse and seasonal dishes created by the chef. Genuine and by no means stuffy. This is a new meeting place for the neighborhood. Our chef’s counter seating is the focal point, providing front-row views of the activity in a production kitchen. This is the most wanted ticket because of the connection with our culinary crew. An eating option on a porch outside heightens the appeal.


How much expensive is Clearwater Beach?

Typically, a weeklong trip to Clearwater Beach for one person costs roughly $2,165. As a result, a weeklong trip for two persons to Clearwater costs about $4,330. A two-week vacation for two individuals in Clearwater costs $8,661.

What makes Clearwater Beach so renowned?

The pristine beaches and crystal-clear Gulf Coast waters of Clearwater Beach are well-known. This area of Florida is a must-see because of the beaches at Clearwater Beach and the view of the sunset over the water near the pier.

Is Clearwater Beach accessible on foot?

A winding beachside avenue with beautiful landscaping, artistic accents, and clear views of Clearwater’s prestigious beach and the water beyond, where people on bicycles, rollerblades, and foot can travel in safety and convenience and where tourists and locals can mingle, eat, and engage in recreational activities,

Where is Clearwater Beach located?

Clearwater Beach, Florida, is the barrier island with the most development along the Tampa Bay Ocean beaches. Clearwater Beach belongs to the City of Clearwater, unlike our other island settlements.

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