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Things to do in Lincoln, Nebraska. Explore Various Destinations, Museums, Tours, and Activities.

Lincoln, Nebraska, is also the state’s capital and home to its top university. The city is small and straightforward to navigate. Although renting a car is convenient, walking around is more enjoyable, especially in the historic Haymarket District. You’ll always have intriguing things to do in Nebraska connected to history and art because Some of the top museums in the state are located there. Sports fans can choose from various live sporting events in Lincoln, the team’s home. Lincoln soon emerges as a fantastic travel destination with zoos, parks, and alluring architecture.

Take a tour of the Lincoln, Nebraska, State Capitol.

The Nebraska State Capitol is a stunning structure that rises in the center of Lincoln in a mass of Art Deco and blinding white. Bertram Goodhue, a renowned American revivalist, created its captivating façade, which features reliefs of historical figures, including Julius Caesar and Charlemagne, meeting beneath Nebraska’s famous Sower monument (positioned high on the roof). Free tours are available for visitors of the interior’s many wings while hopping between the Great Hall, the legislative chambers, and the grand entryway, where they can see artwork by Kenneth Evett and murals showcasing Indian heritage and history. Oh, and make sure to climb the tower to the 14th level, where some of the best panoramas of Lincoln can be seen.

The Pinnacle Bank Arena.

The construction of Lincoln’s most modern arena began in 2011. Since 2013, the arena has been bringing fans nationwide to enjoy live performances of theater, sports, and musicals. The enclosed stadium can accommodate up to 15,000 spectators and hosts 140 events on average annually. Look into the events at Pinnacle Bank Arena as you start making travel arrangements for your time in Lincoln. You can see the Cornhuskers compete on the basketball court there, and you never know when your favorite touring artist will be in town.

Children’s Museum of Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Lincoln Children’s Museum is a journey for young minds across three fun-filled floors. Get the kids off their phones and let them be free to explore their creativity and sense of exploration as they learn via play. More than 40 interactive exhibits at the museum will make the little miscreants create, dance, climb, and sing their way to hours of laughter for both young and old. Along with the displays, the museum offers instructive workshops. Go to the cafe for food and beverages when ready for a break. But make sure you visit the toy store before you depart.

Sheldon Art Museum.

All art connoisseurs and casual admirers will enjoy the Sheldon Museum of Art’s exploration of modern and contemporary art. You may locate the museum on the University of Nebraska campus. The institution’s collection and the private Sheldon Art Association depository are represented in the exhibition..

The museum showcases over 12k items from the 19th and 20th centuries, including various genres. Visitors will find decorated paintings and sculptures, color field paintings, American Impressionism, and geometric abstraction. The Sheldon Museum of Art’s sizable sculpture garden is the most fantastic place to investigate the latter.

The Memorial  Stadium.

Even though the Cornhuskers are no longer among the top teams in college football, watching them play at Memorial Stadium is still an incredible experience. The gigantic stadium, one of the largest in sports, can accommodate just about 90,000 raucous spectators. Every second Saturday in the fall, this location is jam-packed and extremely loud.

It takes work to get tickets for one of the games. So, if you can’t go or are there during the off-season, stroll down Hall of Fame Avenue. The original columns from 1892, the team’s trophy case, and the legendary Bob Devaney statue will all be on display.

The University of Nebraska State Museum.

The University of Nebraska State Museum, where the giant articulated mammoth in the world was discovered, is a must-see. The main attraction, a mammoth, was uncovered by stray hens that burrowed down to the ground. You can’t help but be astounded by the beast’s enormity as you look around at the surrounding exhibits. A similarly intriguing exhibit of fossilized elephants complements Archie the Mammoth. Explore the remainder of the museum, which highlights Nebraska’s geology, Native American population, and pioneer lifestyle, when you’ve had your fill of large animals.

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Children’s Zoo.

Zoos are always a fantastic choice for families on the road. The zoo provides a variety of engaging experiences for kids that are intended to foster respect for our species and the natural environment. The zoo, which opened in 1965, has expanded its population to over 400 animals, 40 of which are endangered species. Many of these gorgeous animals are approachable to children. The entire family may travel throughout the zoo on the model train, which will amuse everyone on board.

Stop off along the road to feed the giraffes, ride horseback, or see the Animal Encounter Stage. Alligators, owls, and even a boa constrictor can be seen here by the children up close.

The Pioneers Park Nature Center.

The Pioneers Park Nature Center has been at the forefront of environmental education and wildlife conservation since its opening in 1963. It is a common sight amid the expansive tallgrass prairie and seemingly unending forests that lead to thriving wetlands nourished by meandering streams.

You can go to any eight miles of hiking trails to discover this fantastic location. Each one winds its way around the park, displaying a distinctive feature of the ever-shifting landscape. You’ll also learn about various local species along the trip, including the center’s small bison herd and their raptor enclosures. The herb garden is one of many fragrant gardens to enjoy, in addition to exploring the open spaces. For families, there is a natural play area as well.

The Sunken’s Garden.

What is currently the Sunken Gardens was a hole filled with debris during the Great Depression. The area saw a tremendous revival and was transformed into the charming gardens it is now. The Sunken Gardens has been a popular area for couples to stroll while admiring the beautiful flowers and green grass since the late 1930s. You are immediately transported from downtown Lincoln into a flower-filled urban sanctuary from the entrance gates. Each plant is positioned along the route in such a way as to provide a natural kaleidoscope, showcasing the inventiveness of the garden. The pathways eventually lead to ornate domed pavilions with areas to lie down with your loved one carefree.


What is a fun fact about Lincoln, Nebraska?

Lincoln’s flag is the best.
The most extended sequence of sold-out games belongs to the city’s football franchise.
The National Roller Skating Museum is located in Lincoln.
The most extensive Lincoln Logs structure is here.
In the city, there are more than 136 parks.

What is Lincoln known for?

Lincoln, originally an Iron Age settlement on the Witham River, was known as “Lindum Colonia” during the Roman era. The most prominent sights are the magnificent 11th-century L. Cathedral and L. Castle in the city’s artistic Cathedral Quarter.

Is Lincoln a pleasant city to live in?

Lincoln, one of the most historic cities in the world, is well known for fusing the old and the new. The ideal location exists here because of many inexpensive housing alternatives, excellent schools, amenities, and attractions.

What is Lincoln’s other name?

Lincoln worked as a soldier, storekeeper, surveyor, and postmaster while still a young adult. He was chosen to serve in Springfield, Illinois’ local government at 25. Once there, he formed a law office, learned the legal system independently, and developed the moniker “Honest Abe.”

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