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10 Things to do in Kalamazoo, Complete Guide To This Dreamy Michigan Destination

The American state of Michigan’s southwest contains the city of Kalamazoo. It serves as Kalamazoo County’s county seat. There were 74,262 residents here as of the 2010 Census. This is the principal city of the 335,340-person KalamazooPortage Metropolitan Statistical Area. Chicago and Detroit are located around 140 miles (230 km) from there, located between them.

 The Mall of Here, an open-air pedestrian shopping mall, is one of the city’s most distinctive attractions. Although two of the Mall’s four blocks have been reopened to vehicular traffic since 1999, the city closed off a portion of Burdick Street to automobile traffic to build the Mall in 1959. In Kalamazoo, there are three colleges: Valley Community College, a two-year community college, and Western Michigan Institution, a sizable public institution.

Top Museums.

Valley Museum:

The Kalamazoo Valley Museum, which combines science, history, and a children’s museum, highlights the contributions made by this area to the world. The “Kalamazoo Direct to You” collection showcases products initially produced in Kalamazoo and southwest Michigan, such as yellow Checker Cabs, guitars, cookstoves, and toys. Human health, optics, and magnetism are the main topics of the interactive “Science in Motion” exhibition. At the same time, the “Children’s Landscape” includes tiny play spaces, including an antique shop, an ice cream parlor from the 1950s, and a contemporary television station.

Gilmore Car:

Northeast of this city, in the quaint community of Hickory Corners, is where you’ll find the Gilmore Car Museum. But be aware of the museum’s location. One of the top five vehicle museums in the US is this collection. A 90-acre property is home to 12 buildings with more than 300 exquisitely restored and unusual automobiles, including Model As, Pierce-Arrows, Duesenbergs, Studebakers, vintage trucks, and muscle cars. Even exhibitions of antique motorcycles, tin toys, and ornate hood ornaments are available.


One of the most lively outdoor areas of the city is downtown Arcadia Creek Festival Place. The park’s riverbank lawns, flowerbeds, shade trees, and playground draw families all year round. A Greek festival, free music performances, and art exhibitions are just a few of the activities that draw many people to the Festival Place, which lives up to its name.

Kalamazoo, Nature Center.

The Nature Center’s forest and wetland ecosystems are accessible to nature enthusiasts farther from the city. The 1,100-acre Nature Center is located on Kalamazoo’s north side and has been a popular spot to disconnect since the Victorian era. You may explore it using its pathways. Boardwalks and trails made of hard-packed gravel wind through hardwood forests, long grass prairies, past ponds, and fields of natural wildflowers. Spend time in the Hummingbird Butterfly Garden and the Interpretive Center, which features interactive science exhibits.

Kalamazoo, Shop downtown.

Here, shopping has long been a favorite pastime. In reality, the Mall, built downtown in 1959, was the country’s first outdoor pedestrian shopping mall. The downtown area of this country is still very walkable. Explore boutique stores like Amy Zane for jewelry, Sticks & Stones for home goods, and Gazelle Sports for active apparel as you stroll the beautifully landscaped Mall.


You will always remember the menus at the excellent restaurants since they use Pure Michigan foods. Favorites include Food Dance, which offers farm-to-table cuisine and a sizable selection of Michigan wines; Principle, locally sourced, modern twists on American comfort food; and Fuze Kitchen and Bar, which offers an eclectic selection of contemporary American cuisine.

One of the top destinations in it is Principle Food and Drink. It employs fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to make fantastic dishes that Gordon Ramsey would envy, and it’s sophisticated. Everything from dating nights to business lunches with executives is perfect in a stylish setting. However, you can be something other than a foodie to enjoy what this restaurant offers. Items on the menu, like duck wings covered in crushed peanut sauce and garlic sauce, are enjoyed by everybody with a sense of taste.

Red brick walls and low lighting create an atmosphere everyone with eyes and ears may enjoy. Make a reservation at Principle Food and Drink to sample Michigan cuisine. Given how exceptional it is, it might make you distrust other restaurants, but it will be worthwhile.

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The Verhage Fruit Farms and Cider Mill.

One of the best activities here is to visit the VerHage Fruit Farms and Cider Mill if you like hay rides, candied apples, and sugar-topped handmade doughnuts. VerHage is a “working farm,” meaning it is a genuine, fully operational farm and a popular tourist destination. You may see the actual barns, mills, and crops that the owners utilize daily when you take a tour. After becoming well-informed about rural life, You’re free to be silly and enjoy yourselves with various family-friendly activities. Among the available activities are hay rides, pony rides, zip lines, tractor driving lessons, and cider-making demonstrations.

Nature Center.

Birdsong comes from high trees. From flower to bloom, the butterflies flit about. The fish dart over the babbling brooks and streams that bubble over stones and boulders. One of the most gorgeous locations in the country is the  Nature Center. The Nature Center is a refuge of natural splendor, spanning more than 1,100 acres. You may leisurely explore the area’s ponds, prairies, woodlands, marshes, and other natural wonders owing to the walking and hiking routes that crisscross it.

State Theater.

One of Michigan’s oldest and most cherished institutions is the Kalamazoo State Theatre. Additionally, it’s one of the nation’s last “picture palaces” still in operation. The State Theatre, built during the 1920s cinema boom, offers a traditional appeal in a contemporary setting. However, it has undergone numerous renovations over the years, and most of its original architecture and furnishings remain, including a sizable pipe organ that was once used to accompany silent films. Although the State Theatre now focuses more on live entertainment than movies, it is still a busy place and a significant landmark for the community.


What is Kalamazoo known for most?

It is a significant international hub for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries and is where Stryker Corp., Gibson Guitars, Checker Motors, and Bell’s Brewery initially called home.

Is it reasonable to live in Kalamazoo?

This is among the finest cities in the United States due to its excellent educational options, low cost of living, and other factors. Additionally, there is a fantastic cultural scene, a hotspot for craft beer, and a developing trail network that connects parks.

Which faith exists in Kalamazoo?

Residents of Kalamazoo, Michigan, practice the faith.

What are the Amazing facts about Kalamazoo?

The city wasn’t always known by the name Kalamazoo, and it actively participated in the anti-slavery campaign.
In 1856, Abraham Lincoln traveled to Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Located in Kalamazoo, the Checker Taxi Company.
In the past, Kalamazoo, Michigan, was where Gibson guitars were made.
Craft beer is popular in Kalamazoo.

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