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The Best 8 Things to Do in Curacao: Complete Guide To Beach And More

Its official name is the Country of Curaçao. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is made a single nation. A Lesser Antilles island nation in the Dutch Caribbean, The city is located 65 kilometers (40 miles) north of the Venezuelan coast in the southern Caribbean Sea. It makes up the ABC islands, together with Aruba and Bonaire. The Dutch Caribbean is the collective name for Curaçao, Aruba, and other Caribbean islands. It is the largest Dutch Caribbean island and the largest of the ABC islands in terms of area and population. From 1815 until 1954, Curaçao was a colony called Curaçao and Dependencies.

From 1954 to 2010, it was known as the Island Territory. It consists of Klein Curaçao (sometimes known as “Little Curaçao“), a significantly smaller deserted island than the main island of Curaçao. Willemstad is the capital of Curaçao, which has a population of 158,665 (as of January 2019 estimate) and covers an area of 444 km2 (171 sq mi).

The Handelskade.

The lovely section of the pier on every Curaçao postcard is called Handelskade, located on the Punda side of Willemstad. The waters of St. Anna Bay are lined with Dutch colonial buildings painted in vivid pinks, blues, and yellows. Take a seat and enjoy a daiquiri at one of Handelskade’s outdoor cafes while observing the Queen Emma Bridge swing out to let ships enter the port or stop by one of the stores along the waterfront.

The daily floating market near Handelskade’s northern end is where you may find fresh seafood and produce if you get there early enough. Alternately, you can cross the bridge at night to admire the illuminated Handelskade facades and their reflections in the bay.

Beach Cas Abao.

Cas Abao Beach is popular with visitors and locals, and it’s easy to understand why. White cliffs and rich vegetation surround the beach, sheltered by thatched palapas (giant palm umbrellas). Warm, blue seas entice snorkelers into the presence of sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, and a rainbow of tropical species. A full-body massage is available directly at the water’s edge. You may get a variety of snacks and beverages at The Beach Bar & Restaurant to keep you going all day.

Recent travelers praised Cas Abao Beach for its breathtaking beauty and practical amenities. However, some regretted the added costs for something as basic as a shower.

The Shete Boka National Park.

The north coast of Curacao is covered by more than 6 kilometers of Shete Boka National Park. Ten pocket bays there are known to be used by turtles to lay their eggs. The park’s highlights are Boka Tabla, where enormous waves crash into a cavern below ground, and Boka Pistol, where limestone hills provide panoramic vistas.

The breathtaking vistas from the park, particularly those at Boka Pistol, left previous visitors in amazement. They also mention that this island area is subject to some pretty severe gusts.

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Museum Kurá Hulanda.

The Kurá Hulanda Museum chronicles the history of the African slave trade in Curaçao and is housed in the residence of a 19th-century merchant and enslaver. This museum goes into a dark period in the history with a careful hand, using items from the 18th century and scale models to create its tale. The museum has collections of Mesopotamian artifacts, Antillean art, pre-Columbian gold, and exhibitions depicting the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Recent visitors emphasized that this is not a fun pastime, and many left the museum feeling dejected but humbled by what they had learned. Despite the terrible content, many visitors heartily recommend going, with several expressing the desire that they had learned this kind of history in school. Others suggested upgrading to the guided tour for a fee.

Fun Activities.

If you’re looking for a cheap Caribbean holiday that offers sun-drenched beaches, plenty of scuba diving and snorkeling, and historical sites that date back to the 17th century, Curacao is a great spot to go. Furthermore, Curacao experiences lovely 80-degree temps all year round because the island is outside the Atlantic storm belt. The main attraction of a trip to Curacao is relaxing on the beach. Take advantage of Curacao’s natural splendors by including these exciting activities in your itinerary:

Among the more than 35 beaches, spend some time tanning at Cas Abao Beach, Blue Bay Beach, or Mambo Beach.

Explore the island’s vibrant reefs and marine life while snorkeling or scuba diving at well-known locations like Klein Curaçao or Mushroom Forest.

  • Park Christoffel, National
  • Shete Boka National Park
  • Curacao Ostrich Farm
  • Kura Hulanda Museum
  • Curacao Sea Aquarium


It would help if you went scuba diving while in Curacao and the Caribbean. There are fascinating underwater worlds to explore all across the island, where you can spot shoals of tropical fish, graceful stingrays, and joyful dolphins playing in its stunning coral gardens.

Numerous diving shops are scattered along the shore due to the abundant marine life, and several dive locations may be reached from the beach. For example, the abrupt drop-off of the Curacaoan shelf known as the “Blue Edge” is surrounded by incredible rock formations, and the warm seas surrounding it are home to multitudes of fish and marine mammals.

The beautiful Mushroom Forest and the coral-encrusted remnants of the Superior Producer wreck are two additional locations that may be reached in a short boat ride. Diving is a popular activity among visitors to the island since it is guaranteed to have exciting sights and exceptional visibility.

Food Destinations.

For foodies, Curaçao is an unexpected paradise. Curaçao’s cuisine will be a pleasant surprise and the cherry on the best of an excellent trip because it boasts delectable local cuisine and an astonishing variety of restaurants serving anything from Japanese to Mediterranean meals and everything in between.

Here are a few popular locations on the island that are worth visiting:

  • Hofi Cas Cora: A farm-to-table restaurant serving excellent seasonal food

Experience Willemstad by Walking Tour.

A walking tour with locals is one of the most excellent methods to learn about Willemstad. We adored the Dundu Tours walking tour guided by local tour guide Jacqueline. She does a fantastic job of demonstrating her love for this city and her extensive knowledge of Willemstad’s most fantastic attractions.

Learn more about the background, cuisine, and cultures as you tour the city’s top sights, as well as several of its lesser-known attractions, such as street art-filled neighborhoods and neighborhood hangouts. Please spend a few hours on a walking tour of Willemstad; it might become one of your favorite trip experiences.


What is Curaçao known for most?

some of the best divine The Kingdom of the Netherlands comprises a single nation. Sites in the world.
A rich and varied cultural legacy.
The colorful Handelskade.
The Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge.
The old town of Willemstad.
Orange Liqueur, and more.
The people of Curaçao are multilingual.

What are three exciting things to know about Curaçao?

General Facts:
It is made up of two islands.
The island stands for the letter “C” in the ABC Islands.
It is the land of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

What primarily defines Curaçao’s culture?

The people of Curacao come from various ethnic backgrounds, with a large Afro-Caribbean population living there alongside Dutch, French, Latin Americans, and Asian people. Additionally, there is a considerable Jewish influence. Even though English is commonly spoken, the regional language is Creole with Portuguese roots.

What is the food culture of Curaçao?

Keshi Yena:
Keshi yena is frequently said to as Curaçao’s national dish. This mouthwatering creation is a fantastic illustration of how different cultures and cuisines have coexisted throughout Curaçao’s long history

Do Muslims live in Curaçao?

Most of the island’s Muslims reside in the Omar bin Al-Khattab Mosque, with its Imam Sheikh Yakubu Mohammed.

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