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9 Things You must do in Peoria, Illinois, Tours, Museums, Theaters and other Things.

Peoria is the city that serves as the county’s administrative center in Illinois, the United States. The city on the Illinois River had 113,150 residents as of the 2020 census. It is the hub of Central Illinois’s 402,391-person Peoria Metropolitan Area, including Fulton, Marshall, Peoria, Stark, Tazewell, and Woodford. The Illinois State Archaeological Survey claims Henri de Tonti, a French explorer, built Peoria in 1691, the state of Illinois’s first permanent European settlement.

When the County of Peoria was established in 1825, it was given its current name, previously known as Fort Clark. The Peoria people, who were a part of the Illinois Confederation, were the source of the city’s name. Peoria offers many activities as one of the state’s bigger cities. It has something for everyone, from Teddy Roosevelt’s Grandview Drive to the state-of-the-art Louisville Slugger Sports Complex.

Museums of Peoria Illinois:

Visit the caterpillar visitors center & Museum.

The Caterpillar Visitors Center & Museum, conveniently located adjacent to the well-liked Riverfront Museum in Downtown Peoria Illinois, is a 50,000-square foot (4,645 m2) space devoted to Peoria’s most well-known corporation. The museum chronicles Caterpillar’s humble beginnings, foundation, and ascent to the top position among manufacturers of construction and mining equipment worldwide.

The Caterpillar Visitors Center & Museum is a 50,000-square foot (4,645 m2) space devoted to Peoria’s most well-known company. It is conveniently situated next to the famous Riverfront Museum in Downtown Peoria Illinois. The museum details Caterpillar’s modest beginnings, establishment, and rise to the top spot among global construction and mining equipment producers.

Visit the displays at the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

The Peoria Riverfront Museum, next to the Caterpillar Visitors Center and Museum, is one of Downtown Peoria Illinois most well-liked tourist destinations. Because this enormous facility is connected to the Smithsonian Institute, it frequently receives priceless items from the Smithsonian collection to put on exhibit for the enjoyment of locals and guests right here in Peoria. One of the earliest gasoline-powered automobiles ever marketed, the 1898 Duryea Motor Trap, is among the museum’s permanent exhibits, covering various subjects from science to art.

The museum’s more sombre Peoria Holocaust Memorial sheds light on one of the darkest eras in history, while the Giant Screen Theater frequently offers screenings of documentaries and film festivals.

Driver up Grandview Drive of Peoria Illinois.

Grandview Drive, a stunning 2.5-mile (4-kilometer) province of the route that is a part of the National Register of Historic Places, was dubbed the most beautiful drive in the world by Theodore Roosevelt. The drive, open to vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians, travels through some of Peoria’s most gorgeous neighborhoods, tranquil forests, and picturesque streams. The “world’s most beautiful drive” will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your trip to Peoria, as it is one of the top free attractions and one of the best ways to experience the city’s charm and natural beauty.

Parks of Peoria Illinois:

Wildlife Prairie Park.

Over 50 types of animals endemic to Illinois live in the magnificent outdoor space known as Wildlife Prairie Park. The 15 miles (24 km) west of Downtown Peoria location of the 2,000-acre (809-hectare) park makes it ideal for a quick afternoon sightseeing excursion while you are visiting the area. Visitors can enjoy animals like bison, bears, foxes, snakes, owls, and bobcats as they freely wander the park’s picturesque landscapes. At the same time, the facility’s disc golf course and biking trails provide them with a much-needed break from animal watching.

You must include This outdoor park in your itinerary for Illinois, whether you’re dropping by for the animals or other entertaining attractions and activities.

The Tower Park:

Tower Park opened in 1968 and has become the preferred urban park for many Peoria Illinois residents and visitors due to its unrivalled amenities.

The 200-foot-tall (61-meter) brilliant red water tower that serves as the park’s signature feature has three observation decks where guests can take in Peoria’s breathtaking views and the surrounding surroundings.

Even while the park’s water tower is well-known, there are other attractions for guests. The monument to Abraham Lincoln, the pavilion, and the water features are all magnificent sights to take in on their own.

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The Laura Bradley Park:

The 100-acre (40 ha) parcel of land on which the Laura Bradley Park is located was donated to Peoria Illinois by Lydia Moss Bradley in 1864 as a memorial to her late daughter, Laura Bradley. The park near Bradley University in Peoria has high-bluff wooded landscapes. It offers amenities like an off-leash dog park, playgrounds, baseball diamonds, an attractive shelter, and a traditional Japanese garden.

The Corn Stock Theatre Show:

One of the most cherished cultural treasures is the Corn Stock Theatre presents Broadway-caliber musicals outdoors. With some of the most talented local actors, musicians, and dancers, the venue hopes to offer inexpensive, community-led shows to the people of Peoria Illinois and beyond. The theatre hosts five performances each year that are of high quality and reasonable cost, and if the weather permits, they are held outside under the venue’s sizeable open-air canvas tent. The theatre even hosts several kid-friendly performances and workshops in addition to their regular schedule, making it a fantastic family destination in the city.


What makes Peoria Illinois, unique?

According to the Illinois State Archaeological Survey, Henri de Tonti, a French explorer, built Peoria in 1691, the state of Illinois’s first permanent European settlement. When the County of Peoria was established in 1825, it was given its current name, previously known as Fort Clark.

Is Peoria a fantastic place to Live?

US News & World Report has named Peoria as the most excellent location to live in Illinois. Peoria was named the finest location to live in Illinois by a national publication. Peoria beat out the Quad Cities (ranked 53rd), Chicago (ranked 79th), and Rockford (ranked 127) as the 50th best location to live in the United States.

What makes Illinois unique?

Illinois has much to see and do, making it a fantastic destination. It is well-known for its contributions to the American automotive industry, the Underground Railroad, and the end of slavery. Route 66, the original McDonald’s, and the giant catsup bottle in the world are all found in Illinois.

What part of Peoria Illinois, is the most expensive?

In Peoria, there are 67 neighborhoods. Weaver Ridge is the priciest neighbourhood, with a typical listing price of $415K. With a median listing price of $27.5K, Averyville is the community with the lowest cost of living.

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