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9 Things to do in Arlington, Texas

Arlington, one of the country’s top tourist sites, is located on the banks of the Potomac River in the southwest. Washington, D.C., is located across this county.

Although Arlington is awash with history, it’s also a great area to explore. Join the countless people who visit this city each year to see its distinctive attractions.

Arlington Texas, Arts & Culture.

People travel in large numbers to see vibrant arts and culture scenes, where fans of both are equally at home. There is plenty of arts, cultural events, and exhibits to enjoy in Arlington, thanks to art institutions like the Museum of Art (AMA) and The Gallery at UT Arlington and music venues like Music Hall and Symphony Arlington.

Famous memorials at Arlington National Cemetery.

A typical cemetery is not the Arlington National Cemetery.

It is the most prominent location for famous Americans to rest. Mainly, it is a lasting homage to those who gave their lives defending the nation’s principles and independence.

It’s not merely a melancholy experience to travel here.

Additionally, you’ll wind up learning many essential and fascinating historical facts.

See the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier while you’re there and use the sentinel guards’ skills. Your next trip should be to the President John F. Kennedy Memorial or the McClellan Gate.

The Confederate Memorial, Civil War Unknowns Monument, and Coast Guard Memorial are additional deserving memorials in this national cemetery that you must visit.

Visit Gravelly Point to See Planes Soar.

 Gravelly Point:

The National Park Service oversees the distinctive outdoor destination known as Gravelly Point.

This well-known spot is accessible from the George Washington Memorial Parkway, near Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

One of the top sights in this region on 1/19 is to see the low-flying aircraft take off from Reagan Airport’s runway.

But Gravelly Point is more than just a well-known site for watching planes.

Eleanor Parke Custis, the granddaughter of George Washington, was born there in 1746 in the home known as Abingdon.

It’s a great place for plane spotters to view a variety of aircraft while taking in the park’s beauty.

Along with its historical significance, this location is known for outdoor activities like sports, hiking, and bicycling.

Entrance to the Arlington Historical Museum.

Formerly the Hume School, the Historical Museum is a two-story brick building that opened in 1891. This museum is one of Arlington’s most famous historical sites.

It is most well-known for its vast collection of relics from the country’s early history.

View the permanent exhibitions up close by taking a tour of the museum. The Native Americans exhibit, the Ball-Sellers House, the Antebellum Era in Arlington, the Civil War, the Second World War, the Industrial Revolution in city, the African-American Experience, and numerous more exhibits are among them.

Through guided and self-directed tours, explore the intriguing exhibits of the Historical Museum.

These tours provide an in-depth understanding of American history and an entertaining and instructive experience you should notice.

The Dea Museum.

You will undoubtedly enjoy a trip to the DEA Museum (The Drug Enforcement Administration Museum) if television shows like Narcos and Breaking Bad resonate with you. The museum aims to inform visitors about the origins of drugs, drug abuse, and drug law enforcement.

The museum comprises many displays, exhibits, educational outreach initiatives, and hands-on activities illustrating drug law enforcement’s function and drug use development in America.

Since the museum’s opening in 1999, it has amassed more than 2,000 items, ranging from antique concealing containers to current pharmaceutical bottles. More than 5,000 pictures from the late 1800s are also on display. The museum also hosts a lecture series.

Public Art Tour.

In the city of Arlington, Virginia, there are more than 60 permanent public art installations and sporadic, temporary ones. Numerous art pieces are accessible on foot thanks to self-guided walking tours that are free to use.

For instance, many of these art pieces are concentrated in a tiny space in the Rosslyn district. Visitors can use a map of a self-guided walking tour Arts provides.

You can see public artworks like Liquid Pixels, a group of 42 by 25-foot panels coated with 630,000 disks an inch in diameter. The appearance of water gushing down the building’s front is produced by sunlight reflecting off the disks.

You can explore the panoramic artwork, Scenes of Rosslyn at the Rosslyn Metro Station.

Visit the Art Atrium at the Bennett Park Apartments to witness three distinct structures.

Signature Theater Production.

It is the home of this regional theater that has won a Tony Award. Since its inception in 1989, Signature has earned a reputation for producing top-notch plays and musicals.

The firm is home to the most prominent musical theater commissioning effort in the United States and has produced 59 world premiere shows, including 19 new musicals.

The theater was founded in opposition to the bigger theaters that overshadowed the D.C. theater scene. Signature Theatre debuted with Sweeney Todd in a middle school auditorium.

The theater group is now the center of attention in Village at Shirlington and resides in a brand-new two-theater facility. The theater has received 431 nominations and won over 100 Helen Hayes Awards for excellence.

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Dark Star Park in Arlington.

Speaking of Arlington’s public art, the Dark Star sculpture set, the city’s first commissioned work of art, is a must-see. The installation, created by artist Nancy Holt, became the centerpiece of Dark Star Park in 1984.

Dark Star comprises five spheres, two pools, four steel rods, a ladder, a big tunnel, and a little tunnel. The spheres were made to resemble dimmed, dying stars. The shadows cast by the spheres and poles line up with tracks on the ground once a year on August 1.

Stroll in Long Bridge Park:

Long Bridge Park, a 36-acre park north of Crystal City, is well-known for its expansive green spaces and recreational amenities.

It is a central gathering spot for locals and guests, whether they want to relax with a blanket or pick up a basketball for a friendly match. The park features views of the Potomac River and is close to I-395.

The park’s amenities are excellent, from the full-size, multi-sport rectangular fields to the network of walkways, many of which provide views of this city and Washington, D.C.’s famous national landmarks. Additionally, it has beautiful gardens and a promenade that spans three-quarters of a mile and looks out over the playing fields.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Texas Arlington well-known?

Additionally, Arlington is home to the Dallas Wings at College Park Center, the International Bowling Campus (which is home to the United States Bowling Congress, the Renegades at Choctaw Stadium, the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Field, the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium.

Is living in Arlington enjoyable?

Arlington, a city in Virginia, has 235,764 inhabitants. One of the most excellent spots to reside in Virginia, which is in Arlington County.

Is living in Arlington, Texas, expensive?

Housing costs in Arlington are 9% less expensive than the average, while utility costs are 14% more expensive.

Is Arlington an ideal location for raising a Family?

Arlington is ranked No. 3 on Niche’s list of Best Cities in America to Raise a Family and No. 5 on Best Cities in America for Young Professionals. In addition to receiving an “A” for diversity, outdoor activities, and commute, scored “A+” for public schools, nightlife, health and fitness, and family friendliness.

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