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Chattanooga kid-friendly attractions (2023)

Visitors visiting Chattanooga Tennessee, will quickly understand why it is called the Scenic City. This southern town is bursting with beauty and unique sights. It‘s situated along the Tennessee River in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

 Chattanooga is a reasonably priced and accessible city despite not having the same notoriety as Nashville or Memphis. 

And Chattanooga Tennessee is a beautiful place to have a family holiday because there are so many kid-friendly activities. Here are 25 top things to do in Chattanooga with kids, including family-friendly restaurants, kid-friendly attractions, outdoor activities, and beautiful hotels. For more fantastic ideas for family vacations, browse our Family Travel Guide.

Tennessee Aquarium:

One of the most recognized pastimes in the area is visiting the enormous Chattanooga aquarium, home to 10,000 creatures. Two buildings house the displays, one of which is devoted to animals of the ocean and the other to those of rivers. There are displays of perennial favorites like penguins, otters, turtles, and sharks, as well as a beautiful touch tank where kids can bond with stingrays and horseshoe crabs. 

My kids’ favorite part was seeing animals they weren’t familiar with, including the freshwater fish known as the arapaima that truly breathes air. This Chattanooga aquarium, which includes a butterfly garden & an IMAX theater, may be expected to keep visitors busy for many hours.

Picnic and Play Colidage Park:

Spend the afternoon unwinding in Coolidge Park. Without leaving town, this green area in the middle of the city on Northshore’s waterfront offers a nice escape from the urban bustle. Enjoy a ride on the century-old carousel, a live performance in the pavilion, or a game of frisbee on the lawns.

 On hot summer days, kids enjoy playing in the interactive fountain. Watch the calendar to see what’s happening during your visit because the garden is the place for outdoor music and festivals.

Chattanooga Zoo and Warner Park:

At the Chattanooga Tennessee Zoo, connect with nature so that some fresh animal friends. More than 500 people live here, and more than 200 species range from capybaras to cougars. During an interpretive trainer conversation, discover everything there is to know about Komodo dragons while watching the chimpanzees hunt for lunch.

 You may get up personal and close with alpacas and porcupines before trying to feed giraffes their favorite lush greens. Children like to scurry around in the Nature Play section, where a honeycomb jungle fitness and enormous insects will amuse them.

Ocoee River of Chattanooga:

The Ocoee River flows through the Cherokee National Forest and is the perfect place to rev up the adrenaline. One whole day on the water is available for those who desire it, making this place one of the most well-liked rafting spots in the area.

As you descend the rapids, your heart will race as you pass through the fun Blue Hole and Bush Gardens. Additionally, make an effort to enjoy the surrounding landscape. Take a break by the riverbank, then enjoy a picnic lunch to celebrate your newly acquired talents. You need to work harder if you’re still dry after the journey.

Cocker Museum of Chattanooga:

You will feel at ease in the Coker Museum if you enjoy old cars. One of the significant collections of vintage cars In the South is the Honest Charley Workshop. There are more than 100 displays, ranging from trucks and buses to cars, motorbikes, and even motorcycles.

 The three airplanes hanging above should be noticed! During your tour, you’ll see the woodshop, paint booth, and machine shop—all still operating. You might even see the restorers at work as they breathe new life into the newest addition to the collection.

Montague Park Chattanooga :

This 33-acre public park on the Southside of Chattanooga Tennessee is a terrific spot for exercise and fresh air. Around the area, there are 40 sculptures by international artists, and occasionally you can see painters practicing their craft right here.

The Sculpture Fields of Montague Park are popular places for strolls, picnics, yoga, and even some kite flying. Given that the walk is 1.5 miles long, There is still time for you to stretch your legs while admiring the artwork. This remarkable open-air art museum is free to attend and offers self-guided tours.

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River Park:

Walking through the Tennessee Riverpark, one of the city’s most tranquil parks is among the most tranquil activities to do in Chattanooga Tennessee. Be on the lookout for wildlife. Along this 10-mile shoreline, herons frequently appear eating fish for breakfast.

 A greater perspective is available by strolling down one of the piers! The marsh region is excellent for birdwatchers because various local species frequently live there. Additionally, there is a ton of outdoor urban art to see and many convenient picnic tables for when you need to rest.

Walnut Street Bridge:

The renowned Walnut Street Bridge, constructed in 1891, is more than just a stunning example of engineering connecting northern and southern Chattanooga. This is your chance to stroll across the longest pedestrian bridge in the world!

The bridge, which was once used by cars but is now only open to foot traffic, is an excellent place to stroll along the sea. Additionally, the views of the city and river are stunning. The bridge is well-liked by locals and tourists alike, and it’s a fantastic location for running or even walking your dog!

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Chattanooga Tennesse famous for?

The classic song “Chattanooga Choo Choo” by Glenn Miller & his orchestra, released in 1941, made Chattanooga famous worldwide.

Is it worthwhile to travel to Chattanooga Tennessee?

Chattanooga was listed among the “Top 45 Locations to Go” entire world by the New York Times. And that makes sense. One of the brilliant cities in the United States is Chattanooga, which is nestled between the Southeast Tennessee mountains and the lovely Tennessee River.

Is it costly to live in Chattanooga Tennessee?

Chattanooga Tennessee has a cost of living that is 7% cheaper than the whole average and 4% higher than the state average. Housing costs in Chattanooga, Tennessee, are approximately 8% less than the average, and utility costs are around 9% lower.

Does snowfall in Chattanooga Tennesse?

In reality, snow is uncommon in the city proper and the surrounding valleys, but it does fall more frequently at higher altitudes to the north and west of Chattanooga.

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