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Top 13 Things to Do in Bangor, Maine: Shows, Museums, Malls, and Activities.

Penobscot County, in the United States, includes the city and county seat of Bangor, Maine. Third-largest town in the state after Lewiston (37,121) and Portland (68,408), the city proper has a population of 31,753 people. He was known as the “Queen City,”. Although it is Queen City, perhaps best known to outsiders as the place “where Stephen King lives,” Bangor is more than just home to one famous person. Keep reading for 25 great things to do in Bangor each season, whether you’re looking for family-friendly activities, things to do on a rainy (or snowy) day, free activities, or ways to go outside during the summer.

Activities to do:

1. Go Outside for a Bike.

Visit the University of Maine trails, the Kenduskeag Stream Trail, or the Bangor City Forest. If you still need to get a bike with you, Ski Rack Sports offers bike rentals.

Cheerful unrecognizable female in casual outfit with wicker bag walking with bicycle on near crosswalk on road intersection in city

2. Enjoy a sophisticated evening.

Visit the Penobscot Theatre Company. Opera House to see a live performance. Alternatively, visit the University of Maine’s Bangor Symphony Orchestra, one of the nation’s oldest continuously functioning community orchestras from 1896.

3. Enjoy the drive-in.

For both new releases and timeless films this summer, visit this city Drive-In. It’s technically in Hermon, but you can get there in 7 minutes by car from the Pine Tree Inn.


1. The Cole Land Transportation Museum:

Visit this lovely museum to go back in time. Many different types of vehicles are included in it, including trains, trucks, ploughs, motorcycles, ships, helicopters, construction equipment, and others. You may learn more about each of them and their histories by reading more about them and seeing them in person. The museum is extensive; you could easily spend a few hours here. The whole family will enjoy this location, and you can get some cool pictures. The front desk will also give you scavenger hunt lists, encouraging you to focus on the specifics of this extensive collection of automobiles.

2. Main Discovery Museum:

The kids will have a terrific time here and be entertained for about an hour. Numerous exhibits are dispersed over its three floors, including where children can handle various objects. The staff is quite amiable and adores children. Additionally, children may climb a multi-story tree fort and a continuously flowing river to splash around in boats. If your children enjoy it, you can return them several times since the admission price is so reasonable.

The Admire Stephen King’s House.

Famous novelist Stephen King is well-known for his horror books. Fans of his paintings can visit him at his beautiful home in it, where he currently resides. However, since it is a private residence, entry is not permitted. Instead, take a quick stroll through the lovely neighborhood, snap pictures of his house, and even start a conversation with him if he is home.

The Mount Hope Garden Cemetery.

This enormous, serene, and majestic cemetery is all at once. It has lovely landscapes, a wonderful river, vintage battle cannons, ducks, and memorials and plaques for the deceased. Occasionally, guided tours are available; a tour guide will give you a short history of the location and a list of some notable people buried there. You can still stroll through the Mount Hope Garden Cemetery even if you decide not to take a guided tour.

City’s Forest, go biking or hiking.

A stroll or bike ride in the forest is worthwhile in city during the summer. In the downtown of the city, there is a stunning and serene location. You can escape the city’s commotion and loudness without going too far. There are numerous benches throughout the one-mile looping trail where you may sit and take in the scenery. The five-mile East-West trail is an option for bike riders because it is lengthier.

Concert of waterfront pavilion.

The Waterfront Pavilion will likely host a significant concert if it is taking place when you are in the city. This location is safe, tidy, easily accessible, and well-organized. Seating is excellent, but it depends on the performance you go to; at the majority of them, you’ll need to get up and dance instead of sitting down. Big names like Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, and Kid Rock have all performed here.

Bangor Mall.

When shopping here, this is the place to go. Famous names, including Victoria’s Secret, Hollister, Bridal Shops, Dick’s Sporting Goods, JC Penny, and Sephora, are among the many well-known names. In addition to some great restaurants to eat and drink, there are many spots to sit down and unwind in case you become exhausted from all the shopping.

Farmer Market.

Visit this market to acquire fresh, wholesome fruits and veggies and help the neighbourhood economy. Many local merchants offer various goods, including locally-made cheese and organic meat.

The University of Maine.

Only 15 minutes north of Bangor in Orono is the state’s premier public university, the University of Maine. It has a lovely campus with numerous old brick buildings, notably the Raymond H. Fogler Library, which has been there for 150 years.

Some noteworthy campus attractions are The Hudson Museum: Through its exhibitions, events, and programs, it celebrates cultural variety and inclusivity. Visit the museum to see some displays of Mesoamerican antiquities, Persian calligraphy, and the Maine Indian Gallery.

See the Show.

The Penobscot Theatre Company is the nation’s only year-round professional theatre company in the northeast. They are the famed Bangor Opera House‘s owners and performers. Catch many plays and musicals, such as Matilda: The Musical and Miracle on 34th Street.

At the University of Maine campus, the Collins Center for the Arts houses a sizable concert hall and a compact recital space. In addition to other musicians, national touring productions, and local events, it is home to the Bangor Symphony Orchestra.


What is the Popularity of Bangor, Maine?

Maine’s extensive forests, which provided lumber and naval provisions during the 19th century, earned the area extraordinary prosperity. Bangor was one of the busiest ports on the East Coast by the 1850s, was Frequently described as the “Lumber Capital of the World,” and was highly involved in shipbuilding and trade.

What amusing features are there about Bangor, Maine?

An essential lumber port in the world by 1860, Bangor had 150 sawmills running alongside the river. The city shipped more than 150 million board feet of lumber annually, a large portion of it on ships built and owned by Bangor. Three thousand three hundred lumbering ships sailed by the docks in the year 1860.

Why go to Maine’s Bangor?

A symphony orchestra, theatres, museums, galleries, and a prominent summer sidewalk art festival are all part of the vibrant arts community. Many outdoor adventure opportunities exist in and around Bangor, including the woodland Baxter State Park and the maritime Acadia National Park.

Is Bangor a proper location for a home?

Bangor in New England is a great place to call home—a great environment to raise a family. However, the city has several shortcomings compared to other mid-sized American communities. Therefore, before moving, carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

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