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Best Enjoyable Things to Do with Kids in Anaheim in 2023

Anaheim is an excellent location, with loads to do and see, including well-known tourist destinations and lesser-known hidden gems. Anaheim, which is in Southern California and is named for the neighboring Santa Ana River, is approximately thirty minutes from Los Angeles.

Our list of the most incredible things to see and do in this city with children will be optimal for you if you live in the city and are seeking entertaining activities for you and your entire family or organizing a family trip to California.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park:

The Sky Zone Trampoline Park is ideal for families who enjoy a lot of action, excitement, and physical activity. In addition to the 7,500 square foot central court, other amenities include the death-defying skyline balance rope, playful foamy pits, sky slam basketball, ultimate dodgeball courts, climbing, volleyball, and much more.

All ages are welcome at Sky Zone Trampoline Park, which offers a fantastic dedicated toddler section for younger children to play in and enjoy themselves. It is also perfect for birthday parties and family outings.

Disneyland Park:

Your list of family-friendly activities in Anaheim, California, must start with visiting The Loveliest Place on Earth. Eight enchanted lands make up this beautiful realm, which will keep children (and adults) enthralled, excited, and in amazement for several days as you can stand. As your favorite characters parade across the street or when you meet them for a cuddling and photo opportunity, experience the enchantment of Disney. 

Famous coasters like Space Mountain and It’s a Small World will enthrall you, and nighttime fireworks are stunning. There are many different dining establishments and cuisines to pick from, as well as appearances by your favorite Disney characters. While Disneyland Park is a family attraction in this city that is appropriate for all ages, Disneyland is aimed more toward smaller kids than California Adventure Park. Even though many visitors stay at Disneyland for several days, for those, who are pressed for time, one day at every theme park is more than plenty.

Camelot Golfland:

Camelot Golfland is perfect for mini-golf enthusiasts. Discover the most significant miniature course of golf in the US, which includes courses with a maritime and oceanic theme, a safari course, a jungle theme, and a course with a safari theme.

Along with racing in the fast car raceway, splashing with one another with the bumper boats, and winning prizes in the arcade, children and the young at heart can also enjoy these activities. As an excellent party venue, the pizza restaurant offers bumper cars, laser tag, and delectable appetizers and dinners.

Great Wolf Lodge:

One of the top hotels in Anaheim for families, Great Wolf Lodge, offers themed family accommodations and a variety of activities like mini golf, bowling, and arcade games. The enormous indoor splash-tactic waterpark is the finest part, though. And the best part is that day passes are available, so you can visit the waterpark without staying at the Lodge.

The waterpark, which can be reached by car from Disneyland in about 10 minutes, is another entertaining activity for families. There is a wave pool, splash zone, tube rides, water basketball, lazy river, and a four-story fort treehouse with tons of dump buckets and slides. There is, therefore, something for everyone of all ages at the Great Wolf Lodge waterpark, whether you’re seeking toddler- or teen-friendly activities in this city.

Adventure City:

We have the spot for you, and it’s only a ten-minute drive from Disneyland if you’re seeking other things to do in the Anaheim area outside Disneyland. Adventure City is a smaller theme park. However, it is still a theme park. With only 17 rides, it is described as “the little theme park that’s big on family fun.”

Your wallet will thank you because parking is free, and tickets are reasonably priced. Adventure City is one of the best activities you can do in this city with children because the rides aren’t as thrilling as the larger Parks, but there are still a couple of coasters with a stomach-dropping thrill. Another unique feature and unquestionably one of the kid-friendly attractions is the Petting Farm.

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Orange County Zoo:

A family-friendly day at the Orange County Zoo will stay within the budget. With an area of eight acres, it is modest compared to other zoos. For those who would rather not stand for too long, the entry cost, which reflects this, makes it a bearable day. You can enter for a mere $2 per person (children under 2 enter free).

On weekdays, parking is only $3; on weekends, it is $5. You can explore the park independently and learn from veterinarians, animal guards, and other zoo staff members. Many animals live in the park, including porcupines, turkey vultures, coyotes, mountain lions, and more. Since they couldn’t be discharged into the wild, several animals were taken to the zoo.

Swinglt Trapeze:

If you’ve ever considered leaving everything behind and attending the circus, you may have imagined yourself on the trapeze. However, you can use it right away.! Professionals at SwingIt Trapeze teach fantastic, life-threatening tricks in the form of lessons. Even if you don’t get it right the first time, it’s still a fun day out. It is an entertaining and original idea for birthday celebrations, friend gatherings, or team-building exercises at work. Do not, however, ignore your supervisor!

The aerial hoop, aerial hammock, juggling, trampoline, tightrope walking, and unicycle are other apparatuses you will learn about besides the trapeze. You can purchase a commemorative t-shirt and take advantage of photo packages that include you in action. Take advantage of catering possibilities for special parties or snacks on tasty cotton candy snow cones.


How far is the beach from Anaheim?

Alamitos Beach, arguably the area’s most famous beach, is 32 minutes away from Anaheim. It offers several facilities, a pristine white beach, and towering palm trees.

Is Anaheim a desirable location to raise an entire family?

Young professionals, individuals, and families that want to enjoy the beautiful California climate and extensive city facilities while receiving good value for their money are drawn to this citrus industry community.

Is it expensive to live in Anaheim?

Anaheim, California, has a 51% higher expense of living is greater than the national average and a 9% higher cost than the state average. While utilities are around 8% less expensive than the national average, property is 157% more expensive.

Why is Anaheim a well-known city?

The Disneyland Resort, the Convention Center, and two virtual sports teams—the Los Angeles Angels baseball team and the Ducks ice hockey team—are located in Anaheim, the second-largest city in Orange County, regarding the geographical size.

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