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Best Time to Visit Seattle in 2023

Seattle is most enjoyable from September to October. The city’s busy season is in the summer when rates increase and accommodation availability decreases, while the chilly winter months might put even the most ardent tourists off. Early autumn, however, is a prime time for travel because the warm weather continues while the crowds thin out and there are plenty of hotel rooms (and cheaper rates) available. While springtime brings milder temperatures and cheaper hotel prices, you can expect some rain and chilly breezes. Just keep in mind to carry the proper clothing to fend off the brisk winds and, yes, the persistent drizzle.


With the holiday season over and the winter chill sets in, most Seattleites use these months to recharge at home. January and February are two of the sleepier months to visit Seattle. This is right in the middle of some of Seattle’s rainiest weather, the coldest and darkest part of the year (the sun rises around 8 and sets around 5 in the winter, so daylight is limited). Prepare for temperatures hovering between 30-40 Fahrenheit and possibly snow.

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The peak season for travel is now. The risk of rain is far less frequent, and temperatures are at a comfortable 75 degrees. (Despite the forecast calling for pleasant weather, you might want to pack a light jacket just in case the wind gets cool.) This time of year is the finest for whale watching and has the best weather. You should be aware that other people will also be seeking to spend some time in the Emerald City. Be ready for inflated hotel costs and restricted availability; to get the best deals, you need to book at least a few weeks in advance.

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The ideal time to visit Seattle if you’re looking for deals is right now: The summer throngs have dispersed, leaving a lot of vacant, inexpensive hotel rooms remaining in the still-warm weather. Additionally, there are many autumn festivals, which provide for an enjoyable autumn visit. Depending on the month, average temperatures vary between 40 to 70 degrees, and as winter approaches, precipitation will become more frequent, so bring warm clothing and an umbrella.

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Winter in Seattle is not the best time for sightseeing, despite the abundance of hotel offers. between u and January, the temperature is typically between the 30s and 40s, and there is a lot of rainfall (and occasionally snowfall). However, Seattle makes a terrific home base for treks to Mount Rainier or the Cascade Range if you enjoy winter activities like skiing and snowboarding.

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When to Visit Seattle to Avoid Crowds 

The Seattle crowds often dwindle out between late October and early April. During this time, the rainy season officially begins, and the temperature starts to drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius).

There are advantages to enduring this period of apparently endless drizzle. Instead of rubbing shoulders with other tourists, you’ll have more chances to mingle with locals. Go museum hopping, catch a live play, hit up breweries, and explore Seattle’s cuisine culture without the crowds. You may also visit the iconic Pike Place Market. There are plenty of activities available.

This can be a fantastic experience if you take advantage of the daylight hours during this time of year (the sun sets quite early from November through February), pack warm clothing, and bring the necessary rain gear.

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When to Visit Seattle on a Budget

Visit Seattle from March to May for the lowest hotel rates and flight charges. If your trip doesn’t coincide with a holiday weekend when costs increase, another choice is October through December.

You won’t have to worry about lodging costs skyrocketing in time for the summer crowds during either of these periods because they fall outside of the busiest summer months, but you should be prepared for rainy weather. While you’ll save money on travel and lodging, the cost of the majority of local activities stays the same all year long.

Go to locations outside of downtown Seattle where you can get good prices during the off seasons if you want to save more money. Additionally, going to a free festival, such as The U-District Street Fair, or a time when you can save money on meals, like Seattle Restaurant Week, is worthwhile.

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Worst Time to Visit Seattle 

Being the rainiest months of the year in Seattle, November and December are undoubtedly the worst times to travel there. 5.67 inches of rain are to be expected in November, and 6.06 inches in December.

The greatest time to go is in November or December if rain doesn’t bother you and you’re more concerned with finding amazing prices on travel, lodging, tickets, shopping, and other things.

Also, imagine you’re going to the city and its surroundings to go climbing, trekking, and camping. In that case, visiting Seattle in the winter months of December, January, and February is not advised because it will be rainy and chilly.

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What time of year is the cheapest to visit Seattle?

Typically, December to February are the most affordable months to travel to Seattle. However, given that hotels anticipate visitors from family and friends during the holiday season, lodging expenses may still be high.

How many days should you spend in Seattle?

Seattle can be toured or explored in 3 to 4 days. Visitors who wish to travel outside of the city should, however, schedule a minimum 5-day stay. With a one-day in Seattle plan, you can still get a taste of the city if you just have a short amount of time.

What month is Seattle’s coldest?

The coldest month in Seattle C.O. is January when the overnight temperature is 36.0°F.

What is the rainy season in Seattle?

The rainy season lasts from October to March, with December often being the wettest month. Despite this, precipitation is distributed rather equally throughout the winter and early spring months, with over 75 percent of the yearly precipitation occurring during the winter wet season.

Why is Seattle famous?

The city is well-known for Starbucks and the wider coffee culture, the grunge music scene, Pike Place Market, the Seahawks, the Space Needle,  and the headquarters of many tech companies (including both Amazon and Microsoft), as well as for its outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking and its general outdoor lifestyle (think REI).

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