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7 Best Beaches in Texas: Explore it for Tourists and More.

Texas is acclaimed for the variety of things it has to offer on the inside, including the gorgeous Hill Country villages of Fredericksburg and Boerne and the vibrant cities of Austin, Houston, and Fort Worth. However, the state’s exterior is also worth seeing. Naturally, we’re referring to the 350 miles of coastline that snakes around the Gulf of Mexico and is peppered with undiscovered beach resorts. For anyone not from the Lone Star State, that is, under the radar.

You may find cozy, family-friendly vacation spots like Port Aransas and Galveston and stunning wildlife and state parks on barrier islands like Mustang Island and South Padre Island if you travel to Texas’ underappreciated coastal region. You’re in for a laid-back holiday if you add endless outdoor activities.

Port Aransas Beach:

This coastline is home to the cherished family beach community of Mustang Island, popularly referred to as “Port A.” Following Hurricane Harvey‘s damage in 2017, Port Aransas and its central beach have recovered very well. The sand’s six-mile broad, flat sand expanse is ideal for building intricate sandcastles due to the grains’ high clay and silt content. (Plan your trip to the yearly SandFest’s three days to catch the competitive castle-building.) In the summer, the water on this island is a perfect temperature for swimming at roughly 84 degrees.

Padre Island National Seashore:

The world’s longest stretch of unspoiled barrier island is found in this national park, which is situated on Padre Island, a sandbar separating the Gulf of Mexico from Laguna Madre Bay. More than 380 different bird species and the endangered Kemp’s ridley tortoise are protected along its 66 miles of unspoiled coastline, providing plenty of chances for strolling, swimming, and birding for its human visitors.

You can find a visitor center, a pavilion, and wheelchair access at Malaquite Beach. If you go quickly in the morning, you can see a sea turtle hatchling being released there. Small Shell and Big Shell sandy shores, so named for their abundance, are best for beachcombers, while Laguna Madre, one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water, is ideal for windsurfing or kayaking.

Galveston Island State Park:

This tranquil jewel, located at the western tip of Galveston Island and only one hour from Houston, guards 2,000 acres of the higher Gulf Coast barrier resort ecology, which includes stunning beaches, lagoons, bays, and salt marshes. Due to damage from Hurricane Ike, the coastal section of the park has been shut.

For substantial restorations, however, it is anticipated to return by summer 2022. The bayside area is open and provides all the typical attractions, including fishing, picnics, swimming, camping, hiking, and paddling. Watch out for marsh rabbits, raccoons, and perhaps armadillos.

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Rockport Beach:

The Aransas Bay beach near the old town of Rockport was the initial Blue Wave Beach in the state, a designation the Clear Beaches Coalition gave in recognition of its commitment to maintaining clean seas and dunes. This location is intended for simple pleasures such as playing in the surf and fishing from its pier because no dogs, automobiles, beach bonfires, flares, or overnight camping are permitted. It’s unusual to encounter a Caribbean feel on the Texas coast, but the row of palapas with thatch roofs does. Stay only a few steps from the beach by renting a place in Rockport.

Mustang Island State Park:

This almost 4,000-acre treasure is located at the southernmost point in the 18-mile-long Mustang Island and is easily reachable from adjacent beach towns. This location is perfect for a peaceful getaway because it has gorgeous dunes, some of the most significant fisheries on the coast of Texas, and over four hundred types of birds.

Enjoy a few days of beachcombing, scuba diving, and paddling by setting up camp at one of the Fifty primitive sites directly on the sand. (Campsites with water and electricity are around 0.3 miles from the beach.) Port Aransas, also on Mustang Island, is the closest town, but Corpus Christi is reachable after a brief drive from the neighborhood bay.

Surfside Beach:

This small community, which has a beach that extends for four miles, lies southwest of Galveston and is a hidden gem with clear waters. If you go north of Street, you can drive your car onto the beach (but be sure to get a pass first), and horses are permitted on the sand at certain times of the year. The crabbing pier next to Stahlman Park is your best bet for a recent catch. Other things to do include surfing, fishing, and crabbing.

Boca Chica, Beach:

This gorgeous beach stretches across the location where the Rio Grande River flows into the Gulf of Mexico and is tucked away in the protection of the Lower Rio Grande National Wildlife Refuge on the southernmost portion of the Texas coastline. The Kemp’s ridley sea tortoise, the most endangered species in the world, uses one of the few nesting locations along these miles of serene coastline. In addition, a wide range of birds can find a rich habitat here. Surf fishing is also good, as is beachcombing. This beach, a little further away, is a well-liked day trip from South Padre Island, which is close by.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Which Texas beach is the most beautiful?

The Top 10 Beaches to Visit in Texas, From National Parks to Small…
Beach at Port Aransas. Photos by Olga Melhiser for Getty. …
The National Seashore of Padre Island. Photographed by Sparks for Getty Images. …
Rockport Beach, Mustang Island State Park, South Padre Island, Surfside Beach, Seawall Urban Park, Galveston Island State Park, and more.

Which Texas beach has the crystal-clearest water?

The South Padre Island beach of Boca Chica has Texas’s purest water.

Can you float in the Texas ocean?

Major tourist destinations in Texas, beaches like South Padre and Galveston Island feature a variety of recreational activities such as diving and surfing.

Are the beaches in Texas warm?

In most cases, individuals will find the waters off Texas sufficiently warm to enjoy swimming from April through the end of October. The water temperature on every single of the state’s coastline beaches is typically above 70 °F (21 °C) at that time.

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