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A Guide to the Best 8 Things to Do in Wellington

Read the best things to do in Wellington: Wellington is the world’s best and most underestimated capital city. It is quirky, cool, easy to get around in, and packed to the gills with awesome activities and restaurants. In addition to being the “craft beer capital of New Zealand,” Wellington is home to over 20 fantastic breweries only a short drive from the city center. However, In Wellington, there are a ton of amazing sights to see and activities to enjoy.. It’s simple to stay for a week or two and still need to experience everything the city offers.

One of the best museums I’ve ever seen is in Wellington, where you can also find the famous Wellington cable car, the eccentric and cafe-filled Cuba Street, and the Te Papa Museum. Further away, you may burn off steam by completing a challenging obstacle course in the forest, visiting the Red Rocks to observe over 300 seals, or taking a Lord of the Rings tour. With the top Wellington tourist spots, in New Zealand, I’ll tell you about these activities and much more in this blog post. Read more to know about the enjoyable things to do in Wellington.

Te Papa Museum:

The Te Papa Museum on Cable Street in Wellington’s central business district is my favorite museum in New Zealand. This is among the most popular tourist destinations in the nation. Since its formal debut in 1998, it has welcomed over 30 million people as of 2019. A tour to Te Papa is one of the incredible things to do in Wellington. Te Papa Tongarewa, its full name, is a Maori term that means “container of treasures.”

 Many of the museum’s treasures are related to the Maori people. Te Papa has several activities that involve working with the indigenous Kiwis (tribes). This specific tour, which allows you to explore the museum 30 minutes before it opens its doors to the public, is one of the most excellent ways to experience Te Papa. Avoiding crowds when visiting the highly regarded Explore Gallipoli Exhibition (shown above) is better.

Wellington Botanical Garden:

The 25 hectares of specialty plant collections at Wellington Botanical Gardens make it a fantastic spot to stroll on a sunny day. The Gardens had a long history from 1869 when local Maoris used them for ngkinga (food growing). The Otari-Wilton shrub collection, the rock gardens, and the rose gardens are some of my favorite areas of the gardens.

The Lady Norwood Rose Gardens boast a remarkable 110 rose beds. November to April sees the roses in bloom. You might even see skinks and geckos amid the plants in the Rock Gardens, which are also attractive and produce a wide variety of shrubs and herbaceous plants. A tour of the Wellington Botanical Garden is one of the best things to do in Wellington.

Ride and Enjoy the Wellington Cable Car:

One of the more iconic vehicles is the vivid red Wellington Cable Car (opens in new window). Riding on this cable car is one of the fantastic things to do in Wellington. Ride to the viewpoint for expansive city views from the station in the middle of the Lambton Quay shopping area. The Botanic Garden, Space Place at Carter Observatory, and Cable Car Museum are also nearby (opens in a new window, respectively).

Puntangirua Pinnacles:

The Paths of the Dead scene from The Return of the King, a Lord of the Rings movie, is the Putangirua Pinnacles’ most well-known use. Enjoy Putangirua Pinnacles is one of the adventurous things to do in Wellington. The Pinnacles are actually “hoodoos,” or earth pyramids, and they are incredibly picturesque. Heavy rains and flooding caused the Putangirua Stream’s sediments to clump together about 7 million years ago, forming these “hoodoos.

The Putangirua Pinnacles are accessible via three different hiking trails. The Pinnacles Track, which is 1.5 kilometers long and takes 45 minutes to complete, is the simplest. The path goes through a natural bush to get to the lookout point. The Ridge Walk Track is also only 1.5 km long, but there is a reasonably steep rise before you join the Pinnacles Track, so I only recommend it for those who are reasonably fit.

Play Glof:

With around 250,000 golfers visiting each year, New Zealand is regarded as one of the top golfing destinations in the world. Playing Golf is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Wellington. The good news is that Wellington is home to some of the top golf courses in the nation, which is great news for golfers. A 30-minute drive from the CBD is the Royal Wellington Golf Club in Upper Hutt, a course to be noticed.

There are 27 holes on this golf course, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the nation. Interesting fact. It was the first course in the nation to be given royal status and has hosted seven New Zealand Open Championships.

Wellington Museum:

On a wet day in Wellington, visiting the beautiful heritage building that houses the Wellington Museum and learning about the city’s past is a beautiful way to pass the time—Discover Wellington’s maritime aspect by exploring the items left behind by former explorers. There are many things to do in Wellington Musuem. To view what a captain’s cabin looked like in the 1800s, go to Jack’s Boathouse.

The museum’s Wahine Theater is a must-see location to view the heartbreaking account of Wellington’s horrific 1968 Wahine accident. Visit the opulent Von Kohorn Room, which was previously the Wellington Harbour Board’s boardroom and where significant historical decisions were taken, like the decision to make Wellington New Zealand’s first nuclear-free port, to get a taste of the grandeur of Wellington’s history. Visit this Museum to learn about the historical attractions in Wellington

Ferry South Island:

If you want to avoid flying, the only way to get to the South Island is by ferry. As you can imagine, many tourists travel to Wellington to board the inter-islander boat because Wellington, along with Auckland, is located on the North Island, and Queenstown and Christchurch are on the South Island. A tour of Ferry South Island is one of the admirable things to do in Wellington.

The short three-hour boat ride to the South Island passes through the breathtaking Cook Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound; you might even see dusky dolphins playing in the water. Before beginning your South Island road adventure, spend a night or two in the charming South Island town of Picton, where the ferry docks.

Pataka Art Museum:

The Pataka Art & Museum, 15 minutes from the city’s center, features some of the nation’s most ancient and exquisite artistic traditions. While a few examples of Maori art are scattered across the area, it is highly recommended that you visit this excellent museum to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of current trends.

A tour of Pataka Art Museum is one of the best things to do in Wellington. You can explore works from numerous other Asian and Pacific Islander civilizations, delivering a fantastic presentation of these diverse creative cultures, in addition to paintings, performances, & any other number of genres.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Wellington a city with a lot to offer?

There are many things to do in Wellington, New Zealand. So, if you’re planning to travel to New Zealand, take the opportunity to visit Wellington, the “most tremendous little capital in the world. You will have plenty enough time to explore Wellington’s renowned National Museum Te Papa with just one day there.

What does Wellington excel at?

The national museum Te Papa Tongarewa, award-winning restaurants, and a passion for coffee, regional wine, and craft beer are all found in Wellington, a city renowned for its creative and cultural core. Wellington also has a full calendar of events.

How long should my trip to Wellington last?

Three to four days at least in Wellington. In this manner, you can leisurely take in many of the Wellington highlights listed below. You can include a few day trips from Wellington in your schedule while you’re there.

Is Wellington expensive?

Wellington, 486th out of 9294 on our worldwide list and first out of 31 cities in New Zealand, has an average cost of living in the top 5% of all cities worldwide. It costs $2104 per month to live in Wellington.

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