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Disney Cruise Packing List, Necessaries & Explore Best Destinations.

Disney Cruise is the ideal getaway for families. One method to reduce the stress of planning is knowing you’ll have everything you need. A thorough packing list can help you remember everything, even lovely clothes, and magnets for your cabin door. There are fantastic getaways. It’s similar to receiving the finest of both worlds in a single handy bundle: a trip to the Disney parks and a cruise. However, what and how much you pack will depend on your cruise’s schedule and the duration of your voyage, unlike a trip to a Disney park. Clothing choices vary depending on whether you sail to Alaska for five days in the Caribbean or a week.

Of course, there is a finite amount of space on the spacecraft. Each cruise ship’s most enormous Concierge Suite is still constrained in size and storage capacity. To make the most of the area in your suitcase (and hotel), I implore you to mix and match your clothing as much as possible.

Disney Cruise Line Embarkation Day.

The day you embark on your Ship for the first time is called “Embarkation Day.”  Disney Cruise demands a unique packing approach. This is because you will spend most of the day apart from your bags.

This is how it goes: The Cruise Line baggage handlers will take that bulky suitcase off your hands and transport it to your stateroom when you arrive at the cruise terminal in Port Canaveral. (A cabin or stateroom is another shipping term you should familiarize yourself with before your voyage.) The good news is that. The bad news is that you are still determining when you will see your suitcase again. Before the suitcases arrive, it might already be past the kids’ bedtime. Because of this, it’s crucial to bring a day bag or rolling suitcase filled with a few essentials.

Disney Cruise Food And Beverages Policy.

If you bring food or beverages on the Ship, they HAVE to fit in your carry-on bag. At the start of your sailing, DCL restricts passengers 21 and older to two bottles of unopened wine, champagne, or six beers. If you intend to open your wine in your cabin, remember your corkscrew.

You are welcome to bring wine or champagne to the major eating areas. The Cast Members will store your bottle for you to consume each night at dinner for a corkage fee of $25 per bottle. According to the DCL website, visitors MAY BRING the following food:

  • Non-perishable snacks in their original, unopened package. Before returning to your home port, all products must be consumed or left unopened.
  • Only transport breast milk in carry-on luggage. Coolers no bigger than 12″ x 12″ x 12″ may only be used as carry-on luggage to hold supplies for special dietary needs, medication, or baby food.

Disney Cruise Gear to Pack.

Let’s move on to the crucial equipment you will need to bring. You should pack your best pirate attire because every Ship features a Pirate Night, and the kids will want their princess dresses. Additionally, dressing up increases everyone’s enjoyment. With some adorable Mickey ears and outfits with polka dots in the style of Minnie, even adults can join in the fun.

Or make it a family affair by having everyone wear matching t-shirts. You may find some adorable Disney cruise merchandise on Etsy, like t-shirts and nail decals. Since we have Amazon Prime, we frequently purchase pirate stuff there when we need it to arrive promptly. Numerous pirate clothes, accessories, and costumes are available on Amazon.

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Disney Cruise Door Magnes.

In addition to being entertaining, these magical magnets have a practical use: they can make it simple for you and the kids to locate your cabin door amid the lengthy hallway of cabin doors. A standard option is to personalize Mickey Ears with the names of each family member. Even a SheBuysTravel tutorial on how to create them using templates is available. Recall that only magnets are permitted. The decorations cannot be attached to the cabin door with tape or glue.

Packing List.

We’ve discussed what to pack for several aspects of this Line holiday. It’s time to compile everything into a single, all-inclusive packing list. To facilitate navigation for you, the list without getting overwhelmed, we’ve divided it up into sections.

1. The Packing items.

  • Travel or cruise paperwork.
  • Driving permit.
  • A birth certificate or passport.
  • Prescription drugs (absolutely pack them in your carry-on bag).
  • Credit card or cash.
  • Information on travel insurance.

2. Clothing.

  • Shirts.
  • Shorts.
  • Pants/Jeans.
  • Undergarments.
  • Casual clothing.
  • Pajamas.
  • Swimwear.
  • Cover-ups.
  • Water, flip-flops, and sandals.
  • Tennis shoes or shoes.
  • Shoe attire.
  • Socks.

(For Remy/Palo or Formal Night) Cocktail or formal attire

Getting dressed up (for themed sailings like Halloween on the High Seas)

clothing fit for a pirate.

3. Accessories.

A daypack or beach bag, Hat Belt (Makes it simple to access your Key to the World card), Jewelry Lanyard.

4. Electronics.

  • Smartphone Charger.
  • Cellular charger.
  • Kindle Camera Headphones Laptop.
  • Tablet with charger.

Port Excursions Disney Cruise.

Besides Castaway Cay, explore some incredible destinations of call. Again, the necessary items for port excursions will differ. Ponchos should be brought on Alaskan cruises rather than several pairs of bathing suits. However, since it’s challenging to put on a wet swimsuit, Caribbean cruises might necessitate bringing along several swimsuit options.

To have a variety of clothes or bathing suits close at hand, you should pack your beach bag or day bag. It’s imperative to wear the right shoes for the activity. Flip flops are acceptable for going to the beach, but you should wear more durable closed-toe shoes for strenuous activities like bicycling or zip lining.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the baggage allowance for Disney Cruises?

Each Guest may bring two (2) suitcases, one (1) carry-on that is no more than 14 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 22 inches tall, as well as one (1) personal bag, according to Disney Cruise Line’s policy on luggage.12-Sept-2022.

A Disney Cruise checklist is what?

This includes your toothbrush and all of your boarding passes. Boarding passes. Tags for bags. Birth certificate and passport. Copy of passport or birth certificate (keep the original of your ticket in the safety of your stateroom; bring a copy with you when you are in port).

What guidelines apply to Disney Cruise ships?

No smoking is permitted indoors or on balconies.
No drinking by minors.
No bringing illicit substances or alcohol on board.
You have to participate in the safety drill.
Please fill out the health form with your symptoms.
Return before the all-aboard time.
No visitors are allowed in crew areas.
No children in diapers in the pools.

What five unique characteristics do cruise ships have?

Skydiving, robotic bartenders, bumper cars, planetariums, slides, ice bars, and snow rooms are just a few of the attractions available.

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