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Best Time to Visit Machu Picchu, Peru

When is the ideal time to visit Machu Picchu? It is undoubtedly one of your top concerns if you’re considering traveling to South America.

So, stop wondering now! Your questions about traveling to Peru, including inquiries about seeing Machu Picchu, can be answered by this guide. From the Andes to the Amazon, we can assist you as travel specialists for Peru.

What is the best time of year to visit Machu Picchu? The correct response to this query is, “It depends.” There are numerous things to consider, such as the weather, the crowds, and what activities you want to do at Machu Picchu. Personal preference determines a lot of things.

December – March:

Since Peru experiences heavy rainfall from December through March, many people choose not to travel there now. Even yet, there are benefits to going while nobody else is there. During the rainy season, it’s easier to obtain the perfect shot without standing in the queue, stopping, and taking in the scenery without feeling rushed, and the guards are generally much more laid back. Make sure you have the proper rain gear!

mountain with clouds and greenery

April – June:

It’s a great time to visit Machu Picchu in April and May because the rainy season has ended chiefly, the temperature is still warm, clear skies, and the paths are peaceful. The high season officially begins in June, and there will be an immense buzz in the air, especially since June marks the anniversary of Cusco, which is celebrated with a number of events and parades.

green grass field near mountain under white clouds during daytime

July & August:

The busiest months in Machu Picchu are July and August. Logically, this is the most popular period for visitors to travel to Machu Picchu because the dry season and the winter in Peru deliver cool nights and dry days. You’ll need a lot of clothing because temperatures could drop as low as 10°C (50°F) in the morning before rising as high as 20°C (70°F) in the afternoon.

Machu Picchu, Peru during daytime

September – November:

As September approaches, the weather starts to warm up, the days get longer, and there are a few unexpected rain showers. By October, most tourists had left, making it a great time to travel. Similar to other months, you should be prepared for rain by wearing appropriate clothing. But after the rain, you’ll have clear views and a serene atmosphere.

man jumping in green open field with mountains at the front

Machu Picchu’s Least Busy Season:

Between 6 and 7 in the morning is the least crowded time to visit Machu Picchu. You must have a basic understanding of the ticketing system to comprehend why.

Machu Picchu sells out almost every day of the year. There is, therefore, never a dull week or month. Therefore, arriving early is the only surefire method to avoid crowds.

The peak rainy season months of January and February are an exception to this rule. During this time, you may frequently purchase tickets from the online ticket store for any of the mountains or circuits up until the day of the event.

The hourly time windows for ticket sales at Machu Picchu. The ruins can be explored for up to 4 hours between the first and last tours at 6 am. Nevertheless, it takes most people only two hours to complete the loop (excluding any further mountain hikes).

Because of this, 6 am is when the least number of individuals are present on the site—considering that only those with a 6 AM ticket are present.

aerial view of green mountains during daytime

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In Which Month Does Machu Picchu End?

From 6 am until 5.30 pm, every day of the year, Machu Picchu is accessible. The final ticket sale and last entrance are at 2:00 PM. or, if earlier, one hour after the time stated on your ticket).

However, the well-known Inca Trail is closed for the entire month of February each year. This is frequently misunderstood as Machu Picchu’s closure. However, the ruins are still accessible at this time.

Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu are still accessible in February. You can use Hidroelectrica to take the bus and walk together, go on alternate hikes, or take the train. The trail is closed because of inclement weather to ensure the safety of the workers leading Inca Trail tours.

Additionally, this closure enables maintenance and protects the routes from breaking down due to mud and heavy foot traffic.

Machu Pichu, Peru is looking awesome in the day light

Best Time To Hike Machu Picchu

During the dry season, the optimum time to walk to Machu Picchu is from April to October. Outside this window, there’s a reasonable probability that you’ll walk for hours each day while dodging heavy downpours and wearing wet clothing and footwear. Choose the dry season because the walk is difficult enough without having the weather sap your spirit.

Avoid February if you wish to hike the well-known and highly sought-after Inca Trail. The Inca Trail remains closed for maintenance daily during this month due to the high rainfall during the off-season. The 2-day, 4-day, and 5-day Inca treks aren’t available.

rule of thirds photography of man sitting on rock formation


What are the best and worst times to visit Machu Picchu?

Late March to May and September to mid-December are the ideal times to travel to Machu Picchu and trek the Inca Trail. These months offer great weather and fewer visitors because they come before and after the rainy season. But the dry season, which lasts from June to August, is equally fantastic but could be busy.

How many days do you need at Machu Picchu?

Most people just need one day, but you can explore the place and its surroundings in greater detail and at a slower pace with an additional day. However, we advise spending 2 days at Machu Picchu to see everything and fully enjoy the destination.

What is the cheapest month to go to Machu Picchu?

The off-peak months are November through April. Visitors will find Machu Picchu substantially less crowded during this time of year because there may be much fewer tourists traveling during this period.

Can you stay overnight in Machu Picchu?

Accommodations can be found at the Sanctuary Lodge, which is located right outside the main entrance to the ruins, or in Aguas Calientes, the town next to the ruins and the location of the “Machu Picchu” railway station stop.

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