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Best Things to Do in Wengen, Switzerland: Restaurants, Places & Other Activities

Here we explore the best things to do in Wengen, Switzerland. The central Swiss mountain hamlet of Wengen is located in the Bernese Oberland. It is a part of the Jungfrau region and is situated in the canton of Bern at an elevation of 4,180 feet above sea level. Year-round residents number 1,300, although this number rises to 5,000 in the summer and 10,000 in the winter. In January, the traditional Lauberhorn ski competitions of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup are held in Wengen.

Wengen’s year-round status as a tourist resort means you can go anytime, which is another Fantastic & best thing to do in Wengen. Just make sure the seasonal events are relevant to your interests. Read the article to see the best things to do in Wengen. Read the article to explore the top activities in Switzerland’s Wengen.

Kleine Scheidegg and Junfraujoch:

The train ride is one of the best things to do in Wengen. The train ride from Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg is among the most beautiful in the entire world. The Jungfrau, the highest mountain in the Swiss Alps, is reached at the end of this 50-minute trip through the Lauterbrunnen Valley. You may take in the breathtaking vistas from the comfort of your seat while riding the train.

Explore the best view in Wengen:

The Schynige Platte offers Wengen’s most fabulous views, so go there. The cogwheel train may take you to this alpine meadow, a well-liked hiking location. From here, you may take in the expansive views of the Bernese Alps and Lake Brienz. Or take in the breathtaking sights while in town.

Go to Hiking.

Hiking is the best thing to do in Wengen, Switzerland. For hikers of all experience levels, the Bernese Oberland is a hiking paradise. There are hiking trails available for everyone, whether they wish to stroll through the Alpine Meadows or embark on a strenuous hike in the Jungfrau Massif. The Panorama Trail and Eiger Trail are two of Wengen’s most well-liked hiking routes.

Winter activities.

With 213 km of slopes overall and 98 km in the resort, the Wengen , the ski resort is connected to the remainder of the Jungfrau skiing area. For even seasoned long-distance skiers, the longest run in the Jungfrau region is 16 km long and deliciously tricky. Twenty-three lifts connect the resort’s slopes, while the entire Jungfrau region has 42 charges with a total uplift capacity of 42,000 skiers per hour. Wengen offers skiing from December to April, and because the resort is at a high elevation, great snow is almost always guaranteed. There is also night skiing in Wengen.

Events in Wengen.

Lauberhorn-Wengen downhill:

The longest downhill race, the Lauberhornrennen, is held every January in Wengen. The downhill route is also regarded as the most beautiful in the world due to its unique setting, flanked by the enormous mountains of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. One of the most significant snow events in the world, the Lauberhorn ski races (downhill and slalom) draw about 30.000 people annually.

The Jungfrau Maraton:

The Jungfrau marathon, which is the hardest in the world, is held in September. The race, which leaves from Interlaken, travels through Switzerland’s magnificent Alpine backdrop of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau, passing by the picturesque Lake Brienz at the foot of the Eiger North Face.

Take Part Wengen bar crawl custom.

Wengen’s taverns are ideally situated for the town’s hikers and skiers, making the post-adventure bar crawl a tradition. To get your first drink, descend the hill (which serves as a hiking trail in the off-season) and take off your skis at the base of Restaurant Clarice. Change out your hiking boots for something more comfy in summer, and proceed as you would in the winter.

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Experience a Swiss sunset at Wengen.

In a location like Wengen you’ll enjoy breathtaking views from every angle, but to make the most of your experience, head to one of these two locations for the sunset of your dreams! The two-mile roundtrip climb to Hunneflue begins in the town’s center.

As you reach the viewpoint, awe-inspiring views of the Lauterbrunnen Valley and its renowned cascade await you. You will be able to see Interlaken when you reach the summit and glance down the opposite side of the valley.

Wengen’s Stunning Outdoor Items.

Wengen shopping is the best thing to do in Wengen, Switzerland. Every piece of outdoor equipment you require can be found here. For instance, Central Sport is a fantastic place to shop for outdoor clothing and boots, but you can also rent e-bikes and other equipment to explore the valley and mountains.

 The village is filled with other locally owned sporting goods stores. Skis can even be rented for the winter. I have no problem paying a little more money to purchase Swiss trinkets. After all, I never claimed to be a financial advisor.

Best Restaurants.

Jungfrau Hotel:

There are many dining rooms at the Hotel Jungfrau at Wengernalp, which provides breathtaking views from the terrace. There are two ways to get there: a blue run alongside the railway and the train departing from the village. One of the best röstis in the Alps is served with gorgonzola and a fried egg, and for dessert, there is an excellent plum and apricot tart.

Da Sina Hotel:

The boisterous tavern with the same name on the main street is next to the rustic yet bright Da Sina restaurant. Its specialties include Pizza (nearly 20 varieties, each in two sizes) and meals in a basket, such as fish fingers, chicken nuggets, and hamburgers, all with fries. Steaks and fondues are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What makes Wengen unique?

Wengen is on the way to the Jungfrau Mountains Marathon and is home to the renowned Lauberhorn ski races held worldwide. The downhill, slalom, and combined events make up the classic ski races, which have been conducted in Wengen every year since 1930.

What does Wengen’s renowned mountain look like?

The Jungfraujoch is a must-see on any trip to Switzerland and is a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world.

What can visitors to Wengen do in December?

What can non-skiers do in the winter in Wengen? Alpine skiing is just a tiny part of what winter vacations in Switzerland offer! Winter sports, including cross-country skiing, sledding, ice skating, and even curling, are available in the Jungfrau Region.

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